Blender Choppers and Their Uses

These days, many homeowners have seen the need to have one of those blender choppers in their home. As their name implies, they have dual functions or a dual appliance. Often times, this type of appliance comes with a hand-held immersion blender that comes with a chopping attachment. This is often used because it is easy to operate considering its handy size, convenience, and light weight. People who use this type of blender feel that their counter tops are cleaner and they end up having lesser dishes to clean. Here are some of the things you can do with a blender chopper:

  1. Blending liquids

With this, you can make smoothies, milkshakes and pastas like you do with a normal blender. And because this appliance comes with a tiny size, it can fit most glasses. Hence, it is very easy to put milk, yogurt and fruit to your glass, insert the blender and make a delightful smoothie right inside your glass.

  1. Mixing liquids and solids

With this appliance, making soups can be done in just a few minutes. Simply insert the blender into the soup container then run it. There is no need to transfer any part of the mix blender into the jar. Blend the mixture then pour it to the glass. With less utensils used, cleaning will be significantly reduced as well.

  1. For food puree

If you have a baby, a blender chopper will surely be of great use. The baby’s meal doesn’t need to be a lot. Since you will be making enough food for the baby to consume in one meal, it is not practical to use the regular blender. That is why blender choppers are perfect when making baby foods.

  1. To mix batters

Mixing eggs for a fluffier omelette can be done with ease when you have blender choppers. This appliance will help you mix batters for pancakes, cakes, and cookies. Making mousse can be very easy too. The food you can prepare using this blender is limitless. You can use this for making salad dressings, breadcrumbs and smooth hummus. It can even grind harder solid foods like toast. However, this type of blender is not designed for robust use. Hence, do not use this for very hard foods that will require heavy grinding.

  1. Chopping fruits and vegetables

The chopper attached to the blender plays a very significant role. It allows the blender to cut foods perfectly and come up with even consistency. To achieve the desired shape as well as thickness, use the right blade. With a chopper blender, the food’s visual appeal will greatly be enhanced.

  1. Mince Foods

This is very useful for mincing celery, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and chilies. However, do not use the blender for mincing bones since this will surely damage its blades. To know more blender options, visit¬†¬†. This site has product reviews of today’s famous blender line-ups. And knowing each of their features will surely help you in your shopping.