A Beautiful 3-Piece Table For Office And Study:

Have you ever thought of changing that bulky computer desk of yours with a sleek and solid one? Has it ever come across you to get rid of that wooden fiber particle board computer table that you are using for a fairly long time with a contemporary, strong metallic one? The thought of managing that corner space in your office or the study room must be swimming in your mind for a long time but a very little can be done with the existing furniture you have with yourself. So I must say it is your time to have a look at the Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece corner desk and get yourself mesmerized with its sleek look and get blown away with the interesting utility and structural feature it offers.

It makes my job easier as a reviewer of the product, for the product is such a good one. I am excited to tell you about its enticing properties, for instance, I am so engrossed in the product that I couldn’t decide where to start. Let’s talk about the sleek look of the table that comes as a result of the black glass table top and sleek and sturdy, finely power coated skeleton of the table. The toughened glass table top is beveled at the edges, hence enhances the look and also becomes a safety feature for the user. The toughened glass rules out any risk of injury upon breaking of the glass as the broken pieces turn into small pieces of crystals if broken.

Now coming to the utility features the sleek glass table offers. The first thing comes to my mind is the huge volume of space it offers below the table top. Some space is taken by the beautifully designed sliding keyboard tray in case the user opts for a desktop computer, leaving a lot of leg space below the table. The table also comes with a separate stand for the CPU that can be easily accommodated beneath the table although the stand s virtually independent. The black color table renders such a beautiful look that in my opinion choosing a chair for the same will not be a difficult task. The design of the table makes it one that can go well with any kind of chair.

No coming to the strength and durability part of the table, I can certainly tell that the strength of the table is much more than what someone gauges from the outside. The limbs and connectors of the table may look slim and thin but the sturdiness they offer is simply beyond any doubt. The table is more than capable of serving its life under the service load without any hint of doubt. The quality of material used and the top quality powder coating helps the product last longer than it has been designed for. The table is shipped to the customers in ready to build condition and the installation can be carried out easily with zero hassles by simply following the steps on the instruction book supplied along with the package.