Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About DEWALT DW745 Table Saw

Table saw is one of the most essential tools in woodworking; it does not only bring a precise cut of wood, it also makes your woodworking easy and less expensive. And when it comes to table saw, the DEWALT DW745 is one of the most trusted in woodworking industry; where you will find a powerful table saw at a reasonable price.In this good look at the DEWALT DW745 table saw will help you understand more about what are the things it does and cannot do. To start with, below are its technical specifications and features:

Technical product specifications:

•    Weigh 53.2 lbs.
•    With product dimensions of 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 inches
•    Product size of 5/8”
•    20-inches table saw
•    120 volts and 1400 watts
•    Comes with power cord

Product Features:

•    It is stylish with classic bold yellow styling
•    Operates with 120 volts
•    Engineered with rack and pinion telescoping fence rails
•    Easy, fast, accurate, and smooth fence adjustments
•    Designed to rip 24 inches materials
•    Blades are adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees for the bevel application
•    Comes with storage area for the accessories
•    Designed with a metallic base
•    Rigid, solid, and durable
•    Integrated with a dust-port of 2 to 1/2”
•    Designed with a non-friction coating
•    Engineered with 24 Tooth and 10” carbide blade
•    Designed with the miter gauge, blade guard, and push stick

The Pros and Cons of Using DEWALT DW745 table saw

If you are still not convinced in purchasing this brand, here are some of its pros and cons that will make you realize that you really need one:


1.  It is powerful and consistent
2.  Engineered with Site-Pro Modular Guarding System
3.  Versatile and can be used anywhere
4.  Performs efficiently and provides clean and fine cut
5.  Produces smooth cuts
6.  Engineered with table coating; essential to reduce friction
7.  Lightweight
8.   Also engineered with dust collector; thanks to the attached standard hose
9.   High-quality woodworking tool that produces quality wood-working results
10.   It is durable and can tolerate large rip capacity


1. Can be too small for some bigger project

2. The miter gauge can provide inaccurate crosscuts

The DEWALT DW745 is very useful when it comes to woodworking, but what does other consumer has to say about the tool? If you try to check other product reviews, you will find several positive consumer feedbacks, including the ratings.


Is DEWALT DW745 expensive?

The 10 inches compact table saw’s price may have increased throughout the years, despite it the price change it can produce a quality cut of any tough materials.
What should you expect if you purchase one set?

If you plan to purchase the table saw for home use or as a gift, the box should have:

•    10-inches of the table saw
•    It comes with one 10-inch-24 tooth carbide blade
•    It comes with one miter gauge
•    It comes with one push stick
•    And one blade guard

Final Thoughts

The DEWALT DW745 is a powerful woodworking piece that offers several woodworking benefits. If you are still having a dilemma whether should you purchase one, you may read other reliable product reviews and get motivated.

The 2018 Top Seller Induction Cooktops

Browsing for an induction cooktop is easy, but handpicking the best one is another story. Choosing the right induction cooktop for your kitchen can be very confusing, especially when there are various brands with different features that are sold in the market today.

Fortunately, there are reliable sites on the web that provides detailed buying guidelines and product reviews. Thus, if you are struggling in selecting an induction cooktop, learn the pros and cons of these great induction cooktops from your most trustworthy guide.

NuWave Precision 

If you are searching for a powerful induction cooktop, include NuWave Precision on your list. This cookware features 6 pre-programmed temperatures settings and 52 temperatures ranging from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 575 degrees Fahrenheit which is higher compared to other induction cooktops. This equipment also can work non-stop. NuWave has 100 hours program memory and performance, helping you to boil, fry, steam, barbecue, and grill. Indeed, versatility is the best word to describe NuWave Precision induction cooktop.

Although NuWave is a great help in the kitchen, this product has downfalls. The temperature reading of the equipment is sometimes inaccurate. You also need a specific induction cookware to use with NuWave.

Secura 9100MC

The Secura 9100MC is lightweight and highly portable. It is perfect for individuals living in apartments, condominiums and tiny houses alike. This product has a built-in countdown timer to guarantee that your food is cooked properly. Secura features 15 power levels between 200 to 1800Watts. It has 15 temperature settings ranging from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

Duxtop 8100MC

There are several affordable induction cooktops in the market. In fact, it is found here in your reliable induction cooktop reviewer. However, among these options, the ideal affordable and quality induction cookware is Duxtop 8100MC. The Duxtop is a well-established name in terms of cookware and kitchenware. The Duxtop 8100MC is no exception. This product utilizes 120 volts and 10 power levels ranging from 200 to 1800watts. It features 10 temperature settings from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. The most amazing benefits of using this product are the auto-pan detection system and error messaging technology it has. You can get this unit for only $99.99 which is highly affordable compared to other brands.

The disadvantage of using Duxtop is the noisy cooling fan it has. If you are no fan of noisy cookware, you should reconsider Duxtop 8100MC. Also, it has no child safety lock. For this feature, you have to look for other Duxtop models in the market.
When buying an induction cooktop do not let yourself fall for the benefits of using such product. Make sure to check out the cons of the product to avoid regrets about your choice.

If you are still having problems on which item to choose, ask help from reliable sites on the web. Likewise, check this out for more details and additional information regarding the best induction cooktops in the market.

Cooking has never been this easy. Thus, invest in an induction cooktop that suits your needs.

Three Must-See Home Theater Systems this 2018

Yes, there are several brands of home theater systems in the market today that promises a great experience. It is no wonder that some buyers immediately fall for these enticing advertisements. But then, how can you guarantee that these home theater systems can reach your expectations?

Reading reviews of quality 7.1 home theater systems is a great life saver. You can find reliable sources on the web which provides unbiased buying guidelines and product reviews for confused consumers. Consult these sources to learn more about the best home theater systems on market this year. Moreover, such review sites can help you to avoid mistakes in purchasing poor quality home entertainment systems.
If you still have no idea on which home theater system to invest, take a peek on these top-seller home theater units in the market.

Onkyo THX 7.1 Home Theater System 

If you are searching for home theater system with great speakers that produce rich and clear sounds, include Onkyo THX on your list. This home theater system features a peak power of 210 W/Ch and 6 ohms for large speakers. On the other hand, the smaller speakers of Onkyo THX have 100W/Ch with 8 ohms. This equipment features VLSC that removes statics and pulse-noise on the audio. This home theater system is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS. Don’t worry if you have older systems for Onkyo THX also works well with older surround sound systems.

The only downfall of this home theater system is that Onkyo THX has no stands for the speakers. Hence, you will have to provide stands in setting up the system in your home.

Nakamichi Shockwafe 7.1 Home Theater System 

Wireless surround sound systems is now a great hit in the market these days. Thus, if you are looking for an awesome wireless surround home theater system, check out the Nakamichi Shockwafe. The speakers of this home theater system use 600 watts and compatible with DTS: X, Neural X, and Dolby Audio. What makes this home theater different from other brands is that Nakamichi features soundbar technology, unlike most home theaters that use multiple speakers. The Nakamichi soundbar has five built-in speakers that produce clear and powerful sounds. The wireless subwoofer and various connectivity options are another great perks of using this home theater.

However, be warned about the 52 button remote of Nakamichi. This remote is too complicated. You need to get the hang of using the remote to experience more from Nakamichi Shockwafe.

Onkyo SKS 7.1 Channel Home Theater System 

Here is another certified quality home theater System from Onkyo. The Onkyo SKS 7.1 home theater speaker system has THX/IS technology proving its quality and state-of-the-art features. This home theater system has two five inches front speakers with two-way acoustic-suspension technology. Moreover, it has a built-in soft-dome tweeter with a power of 130 Watts. Also, this home theater also comes with speaker MDF cabinets that minimize vibrations letting clear sounds come out from the audio.

Choosing the best home theater system is not easy. But with the help of a reliable guide, you can make the right choices.

Top Three Waterproof Shower Speakers to Choose From

A lot of people are into upgrading their basic routine. Thanks to technology, people are now able to do this easily. A lot of gadgets and equipment are now available to make even the simplest task or chore easier and more enjoyable.

A great example would be a shower speaker. Now, bathing can be a fun and relaxing experience. You can now listen to your favourite music while showering. You do not have to worry about it getting wet or you being electrocuted as these come in waterproof models. This means you can keep it as close to you while showering.

A lot of models are available in the market, but if you want to narrow down your search for a good purchase, you can check out the list below. These are the top three choices for waterproof shower speakers. You can check out this website to find out where to get them.


This comes with a 5-watt audio and a Bluetooth 4.0 technology that makes it easy to use. It measures 3.5 by 3.75 by 1.93 inches and is capable of providing 12 hours of continuous music at 80% volume. It only takes 3 hours to charge this baby. This is IPX5 rated so you will not be disappointed. This is compatible with a lot of devices so you do not have to worry about the operating system you have.


This IPX6 rated device comes with an acoustic driver capable of providing excellent mids and highs. It has a passive bass radiator so you are sure to enjoy bass-packed beats. It weighs 9.5 ounces and is about 4-inches long so you do not have to worry about carrying it around anywhere you go. This amazing device is rainproof, splashproof, dustproof and shockproof. You can enjoy continuous music for up to 12 hours. And in case it gets low on battery, you can charge it for only three hours. This can also play music and sound even if it is not via Bluetooth. You can enjoy playing your mp3 and wav files so you are guaranteed maximum satisfaction with this one.


This is known to its remarkable speaker quality. This is durable and is fully waterproof. It has a suction for wall, shower and car music plus it has a speakerphone functionality. It has buttons that make it easier for you to control and is SIRI compatible. It works with a 33 ft. range and the best part about it is that the company promises a 100% money-back guarantee for a year.

These are just some of the best models you can get for a good deal. You can always go for a model that has the color, size, design, feature and make that suit your preference. Get this one for personal use or use this as a present for your friends and family. This is a purchase that you will not regret.

5 Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

The Himalayan salt lamp is an indeed a beautiful source of light a home should not miss. The salt lamp, which has several environmental, and health benefits is a better option to go for. There are many types of the Himalayan salt lamp in the market. Before we get into the review, it is essential to check out for more information. The website does not only provide you with rich knowledge  about the salt lamp, but it also informs you with the all beneficial part of having a Himalayan salt lamp in your office, at home and any place of your desired choice.

The five best Himalayan Salt Lamp review

1. WBM Himalayan Glow Hand-Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

The WBM Himalayan Glow Lamp has been hand-cut from familiar salt gems from the Himalayas. No two lights are the same yet once the light has been lit; it will produce calming golden shading.

This light will light up your room while the precious salt stones will cleanse the air. The lamp sits sturdily on its neem wood base. The dimmer switch can be utilized to mellow or light up the gleam contingent upon time of day. The discharge of positive particles will give you a slight increase in vitality.

2. HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

This salt lamp gives some harmful particles, which neutralize negative sentiments, with natural air purging properties to keep you from becoming ill. Makes air more secure and cleaner to breathe.

It is extracted from the vanished salt beds underneath the Himalayan Mountains. After some time it is compacted into a strong saltshaker that winds up intense and sturdy. No two salt lights will ever be a remarkable same. The lights are cut yet never cleaned, leaving an empty spot inside for the light.

3. Crystal Decor Dimmable Hand-Crafted Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

You will have the capacity to bring the advantages of going by the Himalayan Mountains to your home with this Crystal Decor natural Himalayan salt light. You can set it up in any room of your house to give it a characteristic look. The light transmits a mitigating shine, which will normally quiet you down following a monotonous day.

There are three distinct settings on the dimmer switch: low light, full splendor, and off. Low light can be utilized for a night light in your room, and full shine can be used amid the day

4. Rakaposhi Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

The Rakaposhi natural salt light has a rougher great oval shape for those leaning toward a more normal outline. The Himalayan salt will wash down the air, making it cleaner for individuals who are experiencing colds or sensitivities. It can likewise diminish asthma side effects.

The delicate sparkle of this light will help you in quieting down following a long hard day at work so that you will rest better. It produces harmful particles into the air, which will help give your body a lift in its invulnerable reaction

5. Levoit Elora Hand-Carved Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

This light has been worked with a dampness monitor, so the treated steel is secured. This light gives full advantages so you will feel less weariness and stress. It is produced using unusual materials, and its artistry is superb.