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The Components of a Studio Monitor

Music is part of our lives and we take it with us everywhere we go. Thanks to modern technology, we can now stream our favorite music from anywhere and at any time, so it truly is amazing how things have evolved in this industry. If music is part of your life too and you also want to transform it into your main living source, then you need to be prepared for a lot of information. Study, study, study and organization are key to your success.

If you plan on becoming a sound editor, for example, then there is a whole list of tools that you need to start investing in. One of the most important tools is, without a doubt, the studio monitor, so we strongly recommend you to offer it the needed attention. A good studio monitor will prove to be vital for listening and reproducing the sounds that you are feeding it with, so you need to make sure that what you are buying is of a top quality. While there are features such as frequency range, total harmonic distortion, wattage and field design to take into consideration, we also think that it will be useful for you to have a clear idea about what a studio monitor’s components are. This should be something of interest to you, so here’s a list:

  • The drivers: They can be of two types: woofers and tweeters.
  • Cabinets: If you end up buying a well-designed studio monitor, then you will have one that gets maximum performance thanks to its drivers. Engineers will build the cabinet around the driver, so it is important for it to be as non-resonant as possible.
  • Circuitry: You will have to decide whether you prefer a powered or an unpowered monitor and in addition to this, you will also have to make some choices around the circuits that it has. Connections can be vital, so they deserve attention from your part.

I know that the information we shared above is quite technical but it will prove to be very useful in helping you purchase a studio monitor that truly deserves your attention. In spite of the fact that you are talented and have lots of creative ideas, you won’t be able to put them into practice with the wrong tools. This is why we think that it is important to check even the more technical details related to the tools that you are about to invest in. If you think that it is a bit too much and need some recommendations, then check out the LSR 305 studio monitors from JBL. These proved to be among the best studio monitors now on the market and in addition to this, you will find detailed reviews on the official Pro Studio Gear page. The reviews found on the Pro Studio Gear website are highly detailed, so a bit of reading will be more than enough to guide you towards the right investment. Check them out and use them as guiding points.