Beginner’s Guide: How to Choose Your First Keyboard

Never touched a piano keyboard your entire life but you are starting to take interest in playing one?

If you are, you should know that learning how to play the piano would be very challenging; however, it is going to be fun if you have the right piano keyboard designed for the beginners.

To help you choose your first keyboard, here are some helpful tips created for beginners like you:

1. Learn the features of the piano

When selecting a keyboard you have to know its basic features;

•    The weighted key action – This is designed to supply more resistance, which allows you to experience playing with a true piano.
•    Must have at least 61 keys – The regular acoustic piano contains 88 keys, that’s more than 7 octaves. For a beginner like you, you should choose your first keyboard with 61 keys, that’s 5 octaves the least; anyway, as a starter, you’ll only be playing one to three octaves, which you may expand as you become familiar with every key.

2. Your keyboard should feature a variety of sounds

Most electronic keyboards offer a variety of tones; even though playing the piano is already daunting, you should try out some tones that will help you explore your music and piano skills. However, you need to watch out for some extra features that can be distracting and confusing for beginners like you, especially for young beginners.

3. Your keyboard should feature drum rhythms or metronome

A metronome is a practice device that allows you to play in rhythms accurately due to its steady pulse or beat that it produces. As a beginner, it would be wise to choose a keyboard with this feature; this will develop your solid playing rhythm.

4. Choose a keyboard with fewer but relevant features

Learning how to work with your hands when playing the piano is already overwhelming. It may double if you choose a piano keyboard with a lot of extra features. Purchase a keyboard you think is simple, but with relevant features. At this website you can find that are designed just for beginners like you; here are a few of them that you might take an interest:

•    Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones
•    RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard SuperKit with Stand, Stool, Headphones & Power Supply
•    Yamaha YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Power Adapter (exclusive in Amazon)
•    Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard with Power Supply
•    Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard Bundle with Stand and Power Supply
•    Yamaha EZ-220 61-Lighted Key Portable Keyboard Package with Headphones, Stand and Power Supply
•    Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal and Power Supply
•    Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano (exclusive in Amazon)
•    Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of piano keyboard advice that you can read at reliable posts and articles like this. So, if you are a beginner, make sure to purchase one according to your playing skills.