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How to Grow a Beard or Moustache Quickly

Having facial hair comes with a lot of responsibilities. With advancements in technology, a number of products have been invented to promote the growing healthy beards. Beard oil helps in moisturizing the hair and therefore give the beards a healthy look. It also contains ingredients that are absorbed into the skin accelerating the growth of the facial hairs. You can find the best quality beard oils at legit online platforms such as HairFreeClub.  This article will help you learn on the tips that you can use to grow your beards and moustache quickly.


Exercise regularly will promote the growth of your beard at a faster rate. During exercise, blood circulation is greatly improved which is very helpful in the growth of beards. Exercise will also help to enhance distribution of nutrients to all body parts including the facial skin. These nutrients strengthen your beards making them resistant to breakage. Exercising regularly makes the body to produce more testosterone. This is an enzyme that enhances growth of facial hair. Men with high testosterone production have large beards compared to those that have very little testosterone.

Avoid stress

Stress is very detrimental to one’s health. In severe cases, it leads to heart failures, panic attacks and even indigestion. Stress will also deny you the chance to have peaceful night sleeps or even bring about serious mental health disorders. You should note that being stressed out will also hinder the growth of beards. Stress leads to the slowing down less important body functions like growth of facial hair. You should therefore avoid circumstances that causes you to have stress for a very long time.

You can try out natural methods to deal with stress such as getting enough sleep or exercising regularly. Being happy is another good option to relieving stress. You can enjoy good moments by watching comedy clips, pranks or any other funny shows. You may also choose to stay around funny people to reduce stress. This will greatly improve testosterone production.

Have enough sleep and stay happy

As stated earlier, getting enough sleep helps in reducing the stress levels. You should note that testosterone levels are also high when the body is in sleep mode. You should therefore ensure that you sleep adequately if you want to grow your beard faster.

Boost testosterone production in your body

Use multivitamin tablets rich in zinc. You should also make sure that your body intake of vitamin D is enough. You can get the vitamin D from sunlight or by using supplements. Engage in weight lifting as this helps build muscles. The larger the muscle mass in your body, the higher will your testosterone production be.  Consume meals that boost testosterone production. For example; broccoli, egg yolks and spinach.

Lifestyle changes

Good lifestyle habits encourage beard growth. You should avoid smoking as this hinders the distribution of blood and oxygen which are vital for beard growth. Reduce you caffeine intake. Taking too much caffeine narrows the size of blood vessels and this affects the effectiveness of blood circulation in the body.  You should also moderate your alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol damages the liver which is also a vital organ for the growth of beards.