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What to Look for in a Replica Super Bowl Ring

Are you an NFL fan at heart?

For a solid American Football enthusiast, it is a must to collect items that symbolize the win of his favorite team. You are probably doing the same for every season. But among the collectibles that you can find online stores, one of the best items you can collect are replica Super Bowl Rings.

As you keep on browsing for replica rings to buy, check out first the most important aspects that you need to look for before purchasing a Super Bowl replica ring.

The first thing you need to check before buying a replica Super Bowl Ring is the authenticity of the item. Only recently, the U.S Customs and Border Protection seized a shipment of 108 counterfeit Super Bowl rings. The market value of the said package is more than $1 million. This incident happened last June 18, 2018.

You have to be careful when buying Super Bowl Rings especially when you are planning to get your own collections through online stores. You could never assure which one is 100 percent authentic. Therefore, it is wise to always check the background of the store you are dealing with. Make sure that what they have are authentic replica rings. Moreover, see to it that the store is authorized to sell such items.

Ring Quality

Of course, who would want to have a Super Bowl ring replica with poor quality? Once you find a legit Super Bowl replica ring distributor, the next thing you need to do is check out the quality of the product.

See to it that the ring band is sturdy. The band should not break easily as a real ring should do. Likewise, check out the quality of the color. The color of most poor quality replica rings fades easily. Thus, such an item won’t last as a collectible. Pick a replica ring of your favorite NFL team that is long lasting. For example, if you are a solid 49ers fan, you can check to see collections of amazing replica super bowl rings for 49ers fans here at Big Game Rings.

Stunning Design

The ring’s design always matter. Super Bowl rings have a unique design for each season. Aside from having a resemblance to original Super Bowl rings, look into the aesthetics of the item. Does it have the elegance like the original game rings? Are there no overlapping colors or misspelled words?

High-quality and authentic replica rings have a stunning appearance. For instance, the Super Bowl ring collections at Big Games Ring features gold ring band with diamond-like crystals also called as cubic zirconia crystals. The ring is like a carbon copy of the original one from the imprints, colors to crystals.

The Price

The quality of the game ring you plan to buy must be worth the price. There are expensive Super Bowl replica rings but with poor quality. The good news is you can buy affordable game rings with the best quality. You can find it right here at Big Game Rings. This store offers a whole set of Super Bowl replica rings in affordable prices. You can get this gift box for approximately $249.