Doing Math with Green Smoothie Recipes with Calorie Count

When it comes to losing weight, restricting calorie count and serving sizes are the typical strategies used while eating regular meals. Most people get frustrated with the approach because, in truth, it is a losing battle to fight. Nowadays, more weight watchers are shifting to green smoothie recipes with calorie count without really counting.

Fruits and vegetables are the main ingredients of green smoothies, but sometimes, the fruits you want to use in your smoothie may not be in season. How, then, can you get the most nutritional benefits from a smoothie?

A proven hack is to buy fruits while these are in season, freeze them, and take them out of the freezer for some thorough blending when you’re ready to make a smoothie. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a good blender for smoothies that can blend even frozen fruits and vegetables. If you’re wary about the blender’s blades conking out when frozen fruits run through it, don’t be. There are online guides you can read to help you do just that.

If you really want to incorporate a smoothie in your diet, you must know that it really isn’t necessary to keep count of the calories and carbohydrates in the fruits and veggies you’ll be using. Instead, you need to understand the nutritional level of the fruits and veggies you’ll be putting in your smoothie so you’ll have an idea where the calories are coming from.

Determining the Number of Calories in Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are generally low in calories. Although the number varies, the level greatly depends on the recipes you’re going to make. If one is interested to know just how low calories can be, it is best to use green smoothie recipes with calorie count. In order to do so, there is the need to be specific on what purpose smoothies are prepared. The response can dictate the kind of green smoothie you can make for yourself.

  • Is the smoothie to serve as a meal, or just a snack?
  • Is the smoothie intended to reduce body fat, maintain weight, or build muscle?
  • Is the smoothie meant as a replacement for exercise?

Using Nutritional Math to Break Down the Calories

Green smoothies are filling and can further stop a person’s appetite to eat more. Because smoothies have low calories, it may take a considerable period of time to notice the body’s positive response. For this reason, it is advantageous to include fat and protein to prevent the smoothie from having too much carbohydrates leading to blood sugar spikes. It becomes important to increase the calorie count by adding certain ingredients such as nuts and seeds. If there are food items that must be taken off from smoothies, they are dairy products and other processed food items.

It is interesting to know that the body can process 600 to 800 calories at a time. When the amount exceeds, the body stores the food energy in the form of fat. Check out the caloric content of each ingredient you want to include in your smoothie, add them up, and if the total caloric count is around 300 calories, then you’re good to go. This can be used as a gauge to assume that green smoothie recipes are providing us with just the right amount of nutrients.