Introduction to Vaporizers – The Reviews & Comparison

When choosing the vaporizer suitable for your taste and lifestyle is not an easy thing to find. As a matter of fact, there are several factors for you to consider before purchasing.

Here, aside from you are guided by the budget, you have to check also the materials, the capacity and other options like the connectivity and control especially when it comes to the temperature.

Let’s check them one by one!

#1: Hydrology9 Vaporizer

This vaporizer has a lengthy list of cool features, one is the amazing water filtration system which no other device can match. This vape is the smoothest and coolest; it comes also with a built-in herb stir. It has magnetic mouthpiece way better than screwed units and has LED indicators – clever system!

However, this comes very expensively – you can’t expect such heaps of high tech stuff to be at a lower price. This bulky and large design may be a turn off to some, which is not the one you are searching for a dry herb vape. The set-up may come off a bit and complicated to some vapers.

#2: G Slim Vaporizer with Quartz

This is the perhaps the best if you are into vaping wax. These will way you at getting into the game without breaking the bank. It is solid but it heats instantly, however it comes affordable, easy to clean and maintain. You can’t expect really with high quality in its price range but is perfect for beginners!

#3: CBD Vape Kit

It has understated design but the product feels solid and looks good. This may not be the best vaporizer but it surely gives you a good vaping experience without fuss. The device is easy to operate too as it only has one button. To fully enjoy using this, you need to buy some additives and accessories – the cost is definitely increased as you have to purchase additional parts in it.

#4: Cannastick Compass Digital Vaporizer

This superior technology and ultra slim design offer you a pleasant experience. It is a small gadget that can record your desired vaping temperature. Meanwhile, the 220mAh battery is capable to provide you a joy experience without needing constant charging.

Although this may look as fragile, you definitely like the fact that charging takes to 2-3 hours and you can’t use it while it is charging.

#5: Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Kit

The whole look of the device is really good, despite the rubber mouthpieces come off a bit too kinky. But it offers you with powerful hits, as it produces a huge amount of vapor. This comes very handily together with cigarette quitters.

However, if there any device always comes with disadvantages, because this only comes with one battery. Although the charging time is very short sooner or later you will end up buying another or additional battery.


Overall vaporizers are healthier to use than smoking traditional cigarettes. Currently, the marketplace is now huge and you may hardly choose what is suitable for your best needs.

Vaporizers are much healthier than smoking, but the market for such items is now rather huge. Among so many options, it is rather hard to choose one that will suit your needs the best. Thus, we gathered these lists of the best vaporizers currently available in the marketplace and for you to try!