A Love Affair with Make Up

Women love make up. As a little girl, some would sneak into their mom’s purse and sneak out her make up kit. Some would hide in a corner near the closet and lay out their loot on the floor. They would then marvel at the soft, shimmery colors of her eye shadow palette and wonder how much trouble they would get into if they tried out one of her lipsticks. That is when a little girl would think “I couldn’t wait to be all grown up and be granted access to cosmetics”.

During the teen years, ladies will get their first taste of lip balm; most would probably pick cherry flavoured as it is the most famous one. The teen years had them experimenting with base, shimmery eye shadow palettes, pastel tinted cheek stain and powder blush and a whole range of lip colours.

By twenties, this will become their sweet spot in the search for beauty. The experiments as a teen will be paid off and by the time they hit twenty, they would have had identified their go to cosmetics and have kits for day, night and special occasions. These tried and tested formulas will have serve them well for the years to come; maybe for 2 decades of their life. But as they move into my more mature years, they will find that they might have outgrown some of my favourites.

It has not gone past notice that certain shades don’t look as flattering on your skin as they did before. A couple of beloved foundation formulas have started to cake and emphasize the lines around the eyes. Even some of the moisturizers have lost a little of their efficacy.  What once made you look great now made you look ashy or brassy.

You need to face facts. You have matured and so has my skin. You need to start the search for your personal Holy Grail cosmetic favorites all over again. However, this time you don’t have the luxury of your teen age years of experimenting to back up your knowledge of what works and what does not. You needed to re assemble your make-up kits.

Initially, you will think finding new cosmetics to love would be as easy as a leisurely walk in the park. At first, you loved the fact that there were so many choices and so many resources to get information from. However, after a while you will realize that these strengths were also its biggest downfall. With so much information available how can you separate fact from fiction?

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