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UTV vs ATV: Which one is Safer to Ride?

UTV has become more popular over the years. Though ATV earned the spotlight a few years back, many are getting more interested in the former.

UTV and ATV though they are a bit similar since both can travel in rough terrains; however, these two are different. UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) is designed for heavy work rather than recreational rides. This type of vehicle can accommodate two or four passengers, wherein they can sit side-by-side. It is the reason why UTV is also called as side by side or SXS.

The function and performance of a UTV depend on its attachments. For instance, you can hitch a mower at the back of a UTV and drag it over the grass; or you can attach a snow plow at the front of the vehicle to remove snow. Likewise, UTV has a lot of storage room. It can carry heavy loads and haul supplies easily.

Meanwhile, an ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) is ideal for recreational use. You can usually find ATV at Motorcross events or on recreational grounds and parks. But when it comes to hauling supplies, ATV is not the best option. It does not have the requisite storage space and power to handle heavy loads.

Which One is Safer to Ride?

One question that people ask when choosing whether to ride a UTV or an ATV is the safety measure of each vehicle. It is customary that vehicles should have safety features to protect its riders and passengers. The same goes for these two vehicles. However, UTV and ATV offer different levels of safety measures.

A UTV is a four-wheeled vehicle. You can add more wheels on the car for specialized functions. Moreover, it uses a steering wheel and foot pedals for braking and acceleration, similar to a standard car. Also, each passenger has a seatbelt. The vehicle features roll bars and a windshield for additional protection.

When it comes to the center of gravity, UTV features payload below the top of the tires to provide stability and balance. Given all these facts, UTV is indeed a safe ride.

What about ATVs? Is it safe to ride?

Remember that ATV is an open vehicle. It does not have either a cabin or a windshield to protect the rider. Some ATVs have four wheels, whereas others have three. Instead of using a steering wheel, this type of vehicle has handlebars for control. You can manage the speed using the thumb throttle. Unfortunately, it is tough to control, making it unpredictable when riding in rocky terrains.

ATVs don’t have a lot of safety equipment, unlike UTVs. They do have roll bars, but not all ATV has this feature. It is why ATV riders are strongly advised to wear protective gear, such as clothing, boots, gloves, and helmet to prevent grave injuries.

Statistically speaking, the accident rate of ATVs is higher compared to UTVs. According to a survey in 2018, 300 individuals died in an accident involving ATVs. It is far from the count of UTV deaths, which are 12 individuals.


It is evident that UTVs is safer compared to ATVs. However, one should not be complacent when riding the vehicle. Make sure to wear protective gear to reduce the risk of injuries.

Is Scosche RHYTHM a Smart Choice for Heart Rate Monitoring?

Heart rate pertains to the measurement of how many times the heart beats in a minute. Meanwhile, a resting heart rate is the number of heart beats per minute when relaxed. Usually, medical professionals use the resting heart rate to measure the health of the heart muscles.

The ideal resting heart rate is 60 to 100 beats per minute. But remember that heart rates vary from person to person. It depends on the situation, for example, a pulse is lower when at rest, and higher when exercising. Therefore, what is normal might be different from another individual, depending on the circumstance.

It is one of the reasons why constant heart rate monitoring is essential. It helps you to determine the current condition of your heart muscles. Moreover, it reduces your risk of heart problems and other health issues, especially when you taking prescriptions or has an underlying medical condition.

There are different methods of monitoring and measuring pulses. You can do the traditional route by locating pulse points in certain parts of your body. But the easiest method is by using a heart rate monitoring device.

A heart monitor device is more convenient. There’s no need for calculations since the result will immediately show on the apparatus. Also, you can ensure the result is accurate.

Today, you can find a wide variety of heart rate monitoring tools. But one of the top-seller this 2020 is Scosche Ryhtym heart rate monitor armband.

What to Love about Scosche RHYTHM?

Scosche Rhythm heart monitoring tool is quite popular in the market. Buyers admire this device for its awesome features. For sure, you’ll love this Scosche RHYTHM once you get to know it better.

To find out more about the device below is a rundown of its specifications and uses.

#1 Accuracy

You can guarantee that this health tool shows accurate results. The results will depend on your movement and heart rate. Moreover, the measure happens in real-time.

#2 More than a Heart Monitoring Device

Scosche Rhythm+ does not only monitor your pulse and heart condition. The device also tracks fitness levels. For instance, it displays the number of calories you burned; and when you are running or walking, it monitors your distance and pace as well.

Hence, the device is a health and fitness tool in one.

#3 User-friendly

Some heart rate monitoring tools are too complicated to handle. Though adults who are used to technology will encounter no issues with it, for the elders, it is a hassle.

Scosche Rhythm+ is a user-friendly device. It is perfect for all ages, especially to elders. Also, the results are easy to navigate. It will immediately show on the device’s screen.

#4 Comfortable

Scosche is a wearable device. You can wear it anywhere you go. It is very comfortable and lightweight. Moreover, the armband does not collect sweat, keeping your arm feeling fresh.

#5 Connectivity

You can connect the device to your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is connect the device through Bluetooth.

In a nutshell, Scosche Rhythm+ is a great and smart choice for monitoring heart rate and fitness. If you want to try this device, find out more about it via this source.

How to Shop for the Best Coolers this 2020

Going on a long-distance road trip is very exhausting. Imagine the dirt, the heat of the sun, and the long road ahead. It is even more difficult when you are traveling with kids.  Traveling with children will certainly test your parenthood. Kids, particularly toddlers, are always agitated and making a fuss. Settling them down is an arduous task, especially when they’re tired and bored.

One way to make the ride more enjoyable and less stressful is bringing lots of food and drinks. Packing your children’s favorite snacks will help to settle them down even for a short period. And at the same time, drinking cold drinks will cool down that stress.

Unfortunately, going on a long road trip means the food might spoil, especially when you’re traveling during a hot season. If you are planning to hit the road with the family, make sure to bring along with you a functional cooler.

Stuffing food packs and drinks in a cooler will prevent it from spoiling. Moreover, you can assure that you’ve got a good supply of food while on the road. You no longer have to stop at diners or convenience stores to find something to eat. Likewise, you can have your favorite beverage any time while traveling.

Do you already have a cooler? If none, never worry! Below is an easy-to-follow guide to support you in searching for the best coolers this 2020.

What to Find?

A good rule of thumb when buying coolers is searching for the best qualities of a cooler. For example, it must have sufficient room to store several food and drinks, might as well choose a cooler that is portable and convenient.

  • Pay Attention to the Size

A wise technique in searching for the right cooler size is taking into consideration your family size and the duration of your travel. If you tend to go on vacation for five days or more, choose larger options. But if you mostly travel solo for a day or two, pick out smaller coolers. Also, consider the available cargo space of your car.

  • Strong Construction

Nothing beats a durable cooler. It is a quality investment since it will last longer compared to poorly constructed coolers. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about bringing along the cooler at rough terrains.

  • Check the Insulation

It is best to choose a cooler that is capable of storing ice for up to five days. It will ensure that your food and beverages are safe to eat within the duration. One great example of a cooler with five days capacity is Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme Rolling cooler.

  • Cooler with Wheels

Coolers are heave, especially when stuffed with ice, food, and beverages. Of course, who would want to lift such a burden when hiking or going to the beach?

Thus, consider choosing the best coolers with wheels. Wheeled coolers are extremely convenient. They’re portable and hassle-free.

Additional Thoughts

Shopping for a cooler can be confusing for first-timers. If you are still having a hard time searching for one, see this helpful online source and read the reviews of the best-seller wheeled coolers this 2020.

What are the Benefits of Using Solar Lights?

Solar lights can be the perfect alternative for those places where electric power is unattainable or if the company is trying to save on costs. Whatever your reasons might be in using this kind of light, you will surely reap the benefits.

Here are some of the advantages that you can enjoy when you choose to get solar lights instead of the traditional lighting:

  1. Zero Electric Bills

If you are using solar lights, you won’t be worried anymore about costly electric bills. While it’s true that you might spend quite a huge amount of money on purchasing and installing this lighting system but it’ll all be worth it in the end. You will realize that you’re actually saving a lot since you don’t need to pay for your electric bills anymore.

  1. Maintenance Free

Solar lighting systems are maintenance-free, especially when you are using those LED ones that can last for 20 or more years. The lifespan of these LED fixtures is what made them popular over the years. When your solar lights are properly installed, the only thing that you should be worried about is changing your batteries every five to seven years. Moreover, while switching to new batteries, it is recommended that you also have a visual check on the panel’s glass and clean its components as well. Other components of the solar lighting system do not require maintenance and their lifespan can be up to 20 to 30 years or more.

  1. Low-Cost Installation

If you are going to use this lighting system for commercial use, specifically for lighting up roads on electricity deprived communities, the cost would surely not be a problem. When you compare solar light installation to the traditional electricity installation, you can save a lot from solar lighting.

Did you know that you’ll also need the same set of poles for installing solar lights? Well, maybe you’d need larger footers but that’s it. You don’t even have to worry about an underground conduit that you need to connect from pole to pole. In grid powered light, it is necessary to give power to all poles. However, it is way different from solar lights. All wiring is near the pole or right on top of the pole.

Solar light is safer because it has a low voltage which would make maintenance and installation easier.

Lastly, barriers like obstacles, underground utilities, and root systems won’t be a problem.

  1. Environment-Friendly

This lighting system is a great alternative and is even environmentally friendly. It consumes nothing from the power grid because it is using the planet’s leading renewable energy source – solar energy. The light of the sun feeds power to the batteries and the batteries are even recyclable.

During the nighttime, the LED uses the stored energy to light up a certain area and it repeats the cycle the next day.

Are you interested in getting a solar lighting system? Check out solarguidelight.com.

Things to Avoid in Decorating an Outdoor Room

Are you thinking about designing your patio, or a zero-wall room outdoor? Well, you might commit some common mistakes that other people experienced as well. To guide you in your designing feat, this article will give you some tips. Or in short, we will give you a list of don’ts.

Following the guide below will assure an aesthetically pleasing outdoor room.

  1. Scale and Proportion

Think of the size of your outdoor room. Have you prepared decorations and furniture? You should know when to add or decrease decorations. If you only have a few, then that’s great. Just make sure that it enough. Take note that being a minimalist is awesome, but it’s another scenario if you haven’t thought well about your decoration.

On the other hand, overcrowding is also a no-no. We know that you’re really excited to put decorations in your outdoor room. However, do not put too much furniture and decors that your room already looks like it is having a garage sale. Take for example, you’re going to have a badminton game with family or friends, do you think you can move freely with all the decors? Of course not! Plan everything well and place the small stuff after the big ones.

  1. Color Issues

Some of the common mistakes done in decorating outdoor rooms are having inadequate colors or matching the wrong colors. As you already know, most outdoor furniture comes in neutral colors like gray, beige, tan, and white. Those colors can be the ideal background for more colorful backgrounds. Make sure that you add a few colors because your outdoor room will surely look dull if left with those neutral tones. However, never overdo it as well. Choose colors that will complement each other.

  1. Poor Furniture Arrangement

If you’re going to arrange your furniture, make sure that the chairs are gathered together a low table. Putting them together can give you more chances to have a decent conversation. Moreover, you won’t need to shout at each other while talking because you’re all close enough to hear everyone.

Never line up your chairs like a firing squad – lined up on the wall. It is not an ideal arrangement even indoors because you would leave a lot of space at the center. However, it can be a great arrangement if you’re thinking about karaoke or dancing.

  1. Absence of Plants

Do you think you have prepared everything that you need? Well, you have a few chairs, a table, and some containers. But is that enough to give life to your outdoor room? Remember that it is always nice to add a touch of green to your room and a few plants would be a great idea. It can help in softening your outdoor room. If possible, you can even use some fragrant flowers.

Designing your outdoor room can be a difficult task especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing. So when you plan on doing it, make sure to check out skilledoutdoors.com first.