7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee At Work

Coffee is one of the universal products in the world. It is, in one way or another, consumed in huge volumes all over the earth. Coffee is also a basis on which other companies are built on, I mean, how many of us would reduce in productivity in the office if coffee were not present. How many of us would be dying od stress and boredom? Coffee has great power in the office, in our homes and in the streets as well, no wonder coffee shops are thriving all over. If you don’t have coffee in your office, you should check out this website, buy your employees one, and thank me later. Here are some reasons why we should have some java corner at work.

1. Coffee keeps you alert

Caffeine is among the well-known stimulants found in many domestic products. Caffeinated coffee makes people stay awake and boosts the central nervous system increasing their productivity.

2. Coffee breaks improve productivity

This 20th century tradition has become more prevalent after the Second World War. A study showed that employees that have coffee breaks result to an overall improvement in their productivity. These breaks act as forums where employees can share both work-related and personal experiences. When you allow employees to take such breaks, you will definitely notice an elevation in their overall performance.

3. It adds to your lifespan

The US National Institute for Health conducted a study that noticed a correlation between the amount of coffee consumed and the risk of deaths. From the research, the researchers found that: “The researchers found that the association between coffee and reduction in risk of death increased with the amount of coffee consumed. Relative to men and women who did not drink coffee, those who consumed three or more cups of coffee per day had approximately a 10 percent lower risk of death.”

4. It reduces pain for behind-the-desk workers

Another study done by the National Institute for Health found out that taking caffeine before starting computer work that can be pain inducing resulted in lessened pain development. Undoubtedly, the sample size that the study used was small but still we can say that the results support that caffeine can be used as a daily pain moderator.

5. Coffee is social

Being a worker who drinks coffee, you will be happier in your job. You also become more social than other workers who don’t like taking coffee. When you are happier at work, then you will be more productive.

6. Almost all professionals use coffee at work

The list of professionals that consumed most coffee are scientists, marketing/PR officers, lab technicians, writers/editors, education administrators and healthcare administrators.

7. It is known to reduce sleep-deprived stress

If you have sleep-deprivation, the mere aroma of coffee can reduce stress levels. Sometimes the workload gets too much until you dot have enough time to sleep or you can get too stressed out with work-related issues or personal issues that you can’t get up enough sleep. Since you need to keep moving, the aroma of coffee will help you relax, and drinking it will help some more.