A Comparison between the Bottle Jack and the Floor Jack


If you are a motorist then you acknowledge that a time comes when you must handle your car’s mechanical problem by yourself. For instance, if the tire goes flat, you will not have an opportunity to benefit from your mechanic who can be far, but this is a very simple thing to fix. You may be compelled to handle further basic car repair, but in this article, I am talking about a tool used to jack the vehicle up. Hydraulic jacks are the common ones and are of two types, the floor jack, and the bottle jack. You cannot miss these jacks in any garage and some people have preferences of one over another, but in this article, I will compare them for you to decide which one is the most applicable to you.

Floor Jack

A floor jack is a hydraulically operated tool which has a piston pump and a cylinder assembly. A hand is used to operate the piston pump to lift the vehicle high, it’s pulled forward and turned. When you turn, a valve opens which allows the hydraulic fluid to flow to the cylinder and used in lifting. Floor jacks come in two major types, one for lifting vehicles over 10 tons and a smaller which lifts 1.5 tons vehicles. There is also another selection of mini-jacks most of which are in small sizes. They are capable of lifting various weights and come in a compact design and size.

Bottle jack

These jacks are the ones which are pretty straightforward to use nu mounting them vertically. Compared to the floor jack, they’re smaller in size hence easy to handle, store, and are cheaper. The bottle jacks are placed beneath the vehicle, turn the smaller piston in an anticlockwise direction to adjust the height of the piston and locate the valve to the bottom of the bottle jack. It has a key that opens the valve which is turned until its tight and rightly placed on the shaft. Once this one is done, you begin pumping to list your car.


In this segment, I will compare a bottle jack vs a floor jack. So far from the above narration, it’s apparent that bottle jack raises a car higher than the floor jack and it’s comparatively cheaper, but this alone isn’t sufficient to make a decision. I don’t know which one you prefer, but both are good depending on the intended use. Both of them are easy to use since they use the hydraulic system, but from the differences highlighted above, you can pick the one that fits you most.


Whether you have basic mechanical know-how or not, you can use any of the jacks mentioned herein. You don’t have to use a lot of energy because of the hydraulic system. A jack is a must have tool in your car because if you experience a problem, your mechanic will not be there all the time especially when you travel afar. Depending on your need and preferences, select either a floor jack or a bottle jack.