World of Adventure

People are confined to the daily routine of their lives; work-home, work-school and the cycle goes on. The routine could be exhausting and boring. It is great to escape and break the routine once in a while. All you need is a little courage to discover it.

Life is one great adventure. Every day is an opportunity to discover what the world could offer. The world you live is full of possibilities and undertakings. The way you live your life depends in your hands. You could choose be trapped at the repeated cycle or go out there and enjoy the adventures the world could offer.

There are wide array of activities you could do. Finding what you want to do might be entails you to try different activities. Lots of hobbies are available within your reach such watching operas, ice skating, skiing, archery, wall climbing, horseback riding, shooting sports,  road trips to distant town, mountaineering or camping. If you are an adrenaline junkie you could extreme sports such parasailing, skydiving, zip lining, bungee jumping, rappelling, sand boarding, rock climbing, racing, rafting, paragliding, hang gliding, sky swinging, extreme biking, ATV driving, glacier climbing, dogsledding, kayaking and canoeing, hiking or even swimming in the shark; it’s your call. If you are a beach and water sports enthusiast you could visit this website

Seaside Planet

This site is a complete package.  It is a site that has different articles about beach and water sports. It list down best tropical countries to visit. It also has dedicated articles that discuss about beach camping, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, diving, paddle boarding, etc.

The site also provides practical guides and tips for different water sports such as scuba mask, scuba fins, dive computers and even beach tent. The site has articles about different equipment on water sports. It list top sports equipment in the market. The product review states the best feature of each product, pros and cons and the overall verdict.

The site also values nature preservation by publishing an article about beach etiquette and ocean conservation. Readers could also refer here for skills improvement lessons about different water sports such as surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, etc. Articles in the site could be conveniently share different social media platforms by clicking specified buttons on the page. Readers could subscribe to daily dose of tips about water sports and ocean preservation by signing up to their daily newsletter that will be sent directly to your email. The site has strict privacy policy so data information is held with great confidentiality.

The saying says, “You only live once”, so do not limit yourself to the vicious routine of your daily lives. You should enjoy and experience every adventure life could possibly bring you. All you need is proper knowledge and information about each hobbies or sports you want to venture. Thanks to the technology all the data you need could be found in the internet for free. However, all these adventures also entail great responsibility. Pick one that is best for you.

A Love Affair with Make Up

Women love make up. As a little girl, some would sneak into their mom’s purse and sneak out her make up kit. Some would hide in a corner near the closet and lay out their loot on the floor. They would then marvel at the soft, shimmery colors of her eye shadow palette and wonder how much trouble they would get into if they tried out one of her lipsticks. That is when a little girl would think “I couldn’t wait to be all grown up and be granted access to cosmetics”.

During the teen years, ladies will get their first taste of lip balm; most would probably pick cherry flavoured as it is the most famous one. The teen years had them experimenting with base, shimmery eye shadow palettes, pastel tinted cheek stain and powder blush and a whole range of lip colours.

By twenties, this will become their sweet spot in the search for beauty. The experiments as a teen will be paid off and by the time they hit twenty, they would have had identified their go to cosmetics and have kits for day, night and special occasions. These tried and tested formulas will have serve them well for the years to come; maybe for 2 decades of their life. But as they move into my more mature years, they will find that they might have outgrown some of my favourites.

It has not gone past notice that certain shades don’t look as flattering on your skin as they did before. A couple of beloved foundation formulas have started to cake and emphasize the lines around the eyes. Even some of the moisturizers have lost a little of their efficacy.  What once made you look great now made you look ashy or brassy.

You need to face facts. You have matured and so has my skin. You need to start the search for your personal Holy Grail cosmetic favorites all over again. However, this time you don’t have the luxury of your teen age years of experimenting to back up your knowledge of what works and what does not. You needed to re assemble your make-up kits.

Initially, you will think finding new cosmetics to love would be as easy as a leisurely walk in the park. At first, you loved the fact that there were so many choices and so many resources to get information from. However, after a while you will realize that these strengths were also its biggest downfall. With so much information available how can you separate fact from fiction?

Thankfully, when searching online you will come across an article that leads you to With all certainty, this website is a must read if you’re in search of the best makeup for older women. You will find their reviews to be clear, detailed and concise. You will love how their article about foundations covers everything from the best full coverage foundations to formulas with a more natural finish. It also includes foundation options for oily skin, dry skin and it seems everything in between. Definitely, a must read if you’re in search of the best makeup for older women.

ECCB Outdoor Deluxe Folding Adirondack Chair

and shaped chair are the standard. Seats produced using polymers and other hard effect plastics are developing in popularity. Lawn and garden chairs are famous for their comfort and rugged built quality that can last longer and bear harsh weather conditions like rain and winds. One of the unique pick for outdoor chairs is the Adirondack chair that became famous over the last few decades due to its superior built quality and waterproof coating that makes it different from routine lawn chairs In this review we will consider ECCB deluxe chair from Adirondack. You can have a peek at this website for more details.

Features of ECCB Outdoor Deluxe Folding Adirondack Chair:

The ECCB Outdoor Deluxe chair is eco-friendly as 95% of its materials are reused and recycled. On the correct side of the chair, there is a medium-sized cup holder that you can just overlap out at whatever point you like. On the opposite side of the chair, you will discover a phone/wine holder. The materials make this chair very solid and tough. You won’t need to stress over its life expectancy as it will keep up its quality as long as you deal with it every once in a while.

1. The chair has a back help casing and furthermore arm and leg underpins. A fascinating element is that this chair is impervious to ants, growths, salt splash, and so forth.

2. The ECBB Outdoor Deluxe doesn’t require any artistic creation or waterproofing. You can utilize cleanser and water for cleaning purposes.

3. This item gauges 43 pounds with a transportation weight of 45 pounds. Its general stature is 37.5 inches.

4. The maker asserts that the seat won’t strip, rust, fragment or break under normal employments.

5. If you need to make an ideal fit to your current outdoor furniture, you can do as such as the ECCB Outdoor Deluxe Adirondack chair arrives in an immense variety of colors. For stock hues/ colors, they typically send inside 1 to 2 days.


  • Durable and sold built quality that helps it survive in outdoor environment for longer durations. These outdoors chairs comes with 10 years warranty so that you can have peace of mind in your investment.
  • Elegant and unique look that is appealing to everyone’s eyes. Moreover, it has water-resistant coating that makes it feasible for all weathers.
  • Comes in a variety of colors that you can select from.
  • Excellent features that will make you enjoy your free time
  • Eco-friendly

Drone Flying Techniques for Premium Drones in 2019

Modern technology has brought revolution in many sectors. Robotics and aerodynamic modules are some of the most important sectors where drastic changes have been seen. One of the most advanced of these machines is the modern drones. Drones have been used by people from all ages and groups ranging from children that use it as a modern day toy, all the way up to the most sophisticated ones that used by security agencies for surveillance and even for attack by armed forces. Hence when it comes to drones, the task becomes very diversified and you many find yourself a decent drone for your 3d Arial shots for your movie or you can use it for fun in the evening by flying it for hours on a single charge. The models and functionality of these drones depends upon the amount you are going to invest in these.

When you are deciding to purchase a quality drone, you can find all the info needed at our website where there are many top of the line drones, their functionality and reviews that will help you find the best buy for you.

Functionality of most advanced drones:

Drones are equipped with complex features that everyone needs to master to get most out of these machines that will help to increase efficiency and effectiveness of these modern machines. Let us discuss most advanced features of latest drones models that you can purchase in 2019.

  • The output that you require from a modern drone comes with most sophisticated use of these machines. There are modern consoles that comes with a lot of functionality along with analog and digital controls that needs to be mastered before getting most out of these technically advanced machines.
  • Modern control consoles comes with analog and digital controls some also comes equipped with mobile apps to run with your smart phones. You will find it not so simple to control all advanced functionality on your first run. Two of the basic rules for any drone flight are steady hands and focused eye sight at your drone. This will help in stabilizing your drone and get you best shots that you require for your video.
  • Latest drones comes with all advanced features like high definition camera with 720p video recording in full HD and you will be able you customize its modular structure as per your needs. These drone models comes equipped with latest features life one touch take-off and landing along with emergency switch off button. The only down side to these models are their delicate wings that may get scuffed up pretty easily if not handled with due care.
  • You must first start familiarizing yourself with basic drone’s flights and then have your hands on most modern drones. This will help you take more control on your costly drones. Drones have modular structures, thus you can easily customize them according to your needs. Thus modern drones can be your best bet for Ariel photography and video filming.

Electric Scooters You Should Check Out

Electric Scooters is one, popular alternative way of transportation today. With its convenience and affordable price, there is no doubt that commuters now prefer this low-maintenance option compared to bicycles and motorbikes. If you are one of those people who live in an urban area where everything seems fast-paced, you have probably planned of having a scooter as well.  Whatever your reason for taking it aside, you should consider these best electric scooters that Scooters Dream has narrowed down and highlighted, and check them out!

The Best Electric Scooters

1. Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter

This modern-looking scooter is made of flexible and strong-build construction. What makes it unique is its foldable aircraft-grade aluminum frame in stealth black, and it comes with self-stand and patented dolly features. Its motor is also chainless and gearless because of is direct-drive brushless DC hub unit.

Price: $650.00

Nominal power: 250W-600W

Battery: 36V Li-ion from LG, rated at 7.8Ah

Charging time: 3.5 hours, and can run for about an hour or 15miles

Weight: 28lbs. and can support up to 225lbs.

Top Speed: 15mph

Pros: well-built, foldable, quality battery, modern design

Cons: cheap handlebar controls

2. Segway ES4 Kickscooter Ninebot

This mid-class scooter includes Bluetooth connectivity, LED display, cruise control, customizable ambient lights, and mobile app compatibility. It also has dual breaks, and wheels feature shock absorbers for improved comfort while riding. When folded, this scooter can be pulled by the handle.

Price: $730.01

Nominal power: 250W-500W

Battery:  external and internal Li-ion combined of 374Wh

Charging time: 3.5 hours, can run for 28miles

Weight: 31lbs., carry up to 220lbs.

Top Speed: 18.6mph with maximum 15 degrees climbing angle

Pros: dual brakes, cruise control, modern tech

Cons: heavy weight

3. UScooters Booster Plus

A simple yet straightforward scooter, the UScooters Booster Plus also features a modern design with long range distance and high top speed. The scooter’s tires are made airless; featuring shock absorber on the front wheel.

Price: $1,049.00

Nominal power: 500W

Battery:  36V Li-ion rated at 8.7Ah

Charging time: 3 hours, can run for 20miles

Weight: can carry 275lbs.

Top Speed: 22mph

Pros: easily foldable

Cons: a bit sturdy

4. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is made of modern, ergonomic design, sturdy construction, and high-grade aluminum alloys. It has 8.5” wheels in the back and front that has disc brakes and anti-lock eABS regenerative system, and is compatible with a proprietary performance tracking app.

Price: $399.00

Nominal power: 280Wh

Battery:  multi-cell Li-ion, paired with 250W brushless motor

Charging time: 5 hours, can run for 18.6miles

Top Speed: 15.5mph

Pros: affordable, double breaks, easy to fold/unfold

Cons: Underpowered

5. F1 E-bike Nanrobot D4+

One of the most powerful driving units in its class, Nanrobot D4+ is equipped with six shock absorbers, 10” wheels, disc brakes, a carbon steel front fork. It has 2,000W motors (one for each wheel), which means that you can set the drive train to single- or all-wheel drive. This scooter also provides and an option to add a seat.

Price: $1,349-$1,549

Battery:  23.4Ah 52V lithium battery

Weight: 330 lbs capacity

Top Speed: 40mph, can run up to 45 miles

Pros: all-wheel drive, disc brakes, fast speed, wide range

Cons: expensive

All of them seem to be a great deal, right? Now if you are still having a hard time and want to know more about these scooters and Scooters Dream’s most recommended electrical scooter, check their website at and be convinced yourself!