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Best Mold Removal Methods | Eat Healthy Food

Best Mold Removal Methods

Mold is one of the biggest problems in the house. It grows in places where it is moist, warm and dark. It gives out bad odor and can seriously damage the material it has thrived on. When it stays too long in the house, it can also cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems to the people who live there. There are many different kinds of molds like black and white mold, most of them are really toxic. Molds are often found in the bathroom, basement, and even on clothes. They are really hard to get rid of if you do not know what you are doing. Continue reading this article to find the best methods to get rid of molds in your house.


1: Use a dehumidifier

You might not be able to make sure that all the corners of the house are dry at all times, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom, but you can use a dehumidifier in areas where it gets usually damp.

  1. Repair leaks

Plumbing and pipe problems can sometimes be the cause of the spread of mold. Check your piping system regularly to make sure that there are no leaks. If there are, you should fix them immediately.

  1. Ventilate rooms

Open windows and doors from time to time to let the air circulate. This is important especially after taking a warm shower or cooking.

  1. Clean your air conditioner

Sometimes molds and mildew would come from the air conditioning system. Be diligent in cleaning the drip pans before the water spills out and wets the areas beside it. The water could also sip in the walls and it would be more difficult to clean the molds when they grow there.


Killing Molds

  1. Use cleaning solutions to get rid of molds

There are many solutions that you can use to kill molds: Bleach, vinegar, borax, ammonia and baking soda to name a few. Apple cider or white vinegar is often used on non-porous surfaces. It does not give out toxic fumes, unlike the bleach. However, bleach and ammonia can be more effective than vinegar because of the strong chemicals in it. Baking soda is also a safe alternative to cleaning porous surfaces.

  1. Eliminate large infestations

As mentioned earlier, molds can grow in places where it’s dark, damp and warm. They grow faster in areas that are hidden including under the carpet and behind walls. Taking care of large infestations can be hard work as you would need to open up walls and probably remove the whole carpet if it’s completely infested by molds. You would need to scrub, vacuum and seal the moldy areas, too.

  1. Call professionals

If you are not really sure and might be scared to do the cleaning yourself, you better ask help from mold experts. They can do the eliminating and cleaning for you. Also, they can tell you how you would be able to prevent mold from growing in the house. You can also call a mold inspector to check your house for growing molds that you might not be.