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Best Types and Systems of House Humidifiers in Your Home | Eat Healthy Food

Best Types and Systems of House Humidifiers in Your Home

If you need to reduce airborne allergens, allergy symptoms, sore throats and respiratory difficulties the best way is by using the best whole house humidifiers. You need to know some can be unreliable and with leakages that would encourage mold in your house. So it is essential for you to get the best model that you can count on.

Which whole house humidifier suits your needs?

Vornado Evap40

It is best for small spaced house like the cabins and studio apartments. It is best in humidifying areas with small amount of air. It is a simple model that is evaporative, easy to use, low maintenance and does a good job in reducing pathogens in the atmosphere.

Why you need to consider this

It has evaporative units that come with low cost and low maintenance. They can work best in a lab testing to reduce airborne bacteria. It is a simple model with advanced units, a few breakable parts and without a computer panel which can be considered fancy. It has all the basic features you need like an onboard automatic humidistat and a three speed fan that you can choose to use.

Essick Aircare MA 1201

This does not need the use of HVAC air system in your home. It is the best quality stand alone whole house humidifier options that can be installed anywhere in your home and affordable. It is a high powered machine excellent for your home without frills. It is the best for large apartments and houses without the high ceilings.

It has a central water reservoir with powerful fans that circulate air through the unit. It is certified to work up to 1000 square feet. The air can handle more than double the air space. It has an in built filter, an automatic humidity control and a washable wick –all that is easy do replace and clean.

Aprilaire 500

You can use this model if you have pre- installed HVAC systems and an air system that is running in your home. You can compact the unit in your air duct next to the furnace and you can humidify the air supply in the entire house.

It can be easily operated, affordable and unobtrusive. It does not require an extra bulky appliance or a loud fan to supplement air in your house. It has two humidity gauges one that stays inside the house with the control unit to track your indoor humidity. The other one stays outside to adjust with the weather conditions on a specific day.

Holmes Smart Wi-Fi Enabled WeMo Whole Home Humidifier

It is an ideal selection for a smart home loaded with intelligent design features that make it convenient to use. You can control it from the comfort of your phone. It filters your air also as it humidifies and controls odor. You can set the humid levels from your phone, program the timers and get reminders when water is low and when the filter needs to be changed. It is a very expensive model.


With the best types of models in the market, you need to know the best that can work well in a given area. Having knowledge on different types of models in the market makes it easier for you to select a good choice and an affordable one. The best will work out well for you and feel comfortable with the services.