Boost Your Brand’s Credibility with Premium Freebies

Boost your brand’s visibility and invest on promotional items for your next tradeshow’s offerings. Your assortment of freebies should include trinkets and premium items; offset the short-lived novelty of pens and key chains with well-made luggage. You’ll allot a hefty budget to cover for hundreds of recipients, but you should weigh the costs of the promotional item with its potential returns. Ensure the quality and repeat value of the bags; you’ll only waste money (and your brand’s reputation) on shoddy materials. You should have something of lasting value to offer your recipients, and they should be pleased enough with the gesture that they use your gift on a daily basis.

There’s still the dilemma of balancing quality with quantity, though. It makes good business sense to purchase more than what you need. You should even double your order for promotional items such as bags, for instance, if you can afford the cost. You can use the leftovers on future tradeshow events or hand these out to new clients. If your market covers for a variety of demographics, then you should ensure the assortment of styles represent your recipients. Students, executives, and fitness buffs prefer different styles, and you have to accommodate these preferences to ensure they’ll use your token gifts. Adopt a distribution technique so you’ll know which style to hand out at the event. Send out mobile messages (with embedded codes) your clients can use as claim stubs for goodies. Ensure the quality of your assortment, though. Your recipients will compare their hoards, so make sure no one feels shortchanged.

Hand out promotional bags with your company’s logo in visible print. Don’t overdo the design, though. The worst thing you can do is to choose something flashy. You should opt for discreet prints on premium items; save the gaudy designs for the loot bags, visor caps, and coffee mugs. Your recipients should be thankful for receiving privileged products; if they love the fabric and the design but grimace at the sight of your shameless plug, then you can forget about you’re your bags’ replay value. These should be good enough to wear at the office, campus, or fitness club. Make sure your bags’ style and print is good enough for regular use; you should see these on random people at the street after your tradeshow event ends.

Don’t forget to stuff the promotional bags with goodies; you’ll boost their novelty if you invest in assortments useful to your recipients. Squeeze every drop of information out of your walk-ins before you let go of your premium items. You should build a list of leads and signups before the tradeshow’s through. Nevertheless, if you’re giving promotional bags to people who are on a list you’ve collated before your event, you’ll do well to stuff the bags with personalized items. You’ll find a variety of personalized stuff for every age and gender on this website.

Make the most out of your tradeshow event and pair an effective marketing campaign with premium freebies. Your recipients will appreciate the gift, and you’ll maximize your brand’s visibility and credibility.