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Space Considerations When Buying Slim Wallets

There’s an undeniable trend where devices and personal items are becoming smaller and smaller. Phones, laptops and even system units for desktop computers show that smaller stuff is what the future is made of. Even something that’s already considered to be small and portable is evolving into something that’s a lot more portable than its predecessors. Slim wallets are perhaps one of the best examples of this trend. It’s interesting to note that people weren’t bothered with their wallet sizes before. But not that smaller and thinner ones exist, traditional wallet designs suddenly became an insufferable lump in the pocket.

However, it’s impractical to buy the next slim wallet out there just for the sake of removing that bulk in the pocket. Doing so will likely lead to buyer’s regret due to not having appropriate spaces for what the older wallet used to hold. Here are some space considerations when choosing a slim wallet.

Card sleeves

Credit and debit cards, as well as loyalty cards are without doubt permanent residents in wallets today. But in order to adapt to the obviously limited space of a minimalist, slim wallet, one has to accept the fact that they won’t be able to take every single plastic card they own. And to some degree, that’s actually a blessing more than a curse. Having only one or two cards in the wallet makes managing of spending simpler. And let’s face it, a lot of those loyalty cards don’t even get scanned more than once a month. Pick two most used cards and then choose a slim wallet that can house them snugly and securely.

Money clip

No matter how credit card companies push the idea that it’s entirely possible to live in today’s world cashless, we have to realize that this is wishful thinking. It only works for people who don’t venture far from their metropolitan turf. But the real world dictates that there is still a demand for tangible, paper money. The space allocation for bills shouldn’t be that thick, however, or that would simply defeat the purpose of minimalism. Having a large space for bills will also encourage a person to go for the larger valued bills in their wallet, thus accumulating smaller ones. A clip is typically sufficient for holding a small number of bills in place. But, if necessary, a proper compartment such as a small sleeve would be more ideal.

Forget coins

What about coins? True, what about them? Leave them in the dashboard or in a coin purse. And put that coin purse in a bag. Using coins to make sure they stay in circulation is encouraged, but it’s hard to deny that they’re inconvenient to take along. Some countries have large-valued coins, so slim wallets may not be something that they can easily adjust to.

An important thing to do before ordering a wallet from an online store is to read helpful reviews. Slimfold Wallet Review: Micro Soft Shell & Tyvek to get a better idea what to get.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair for You


If you are a gamer then most likely, you spend most of your time at home in front of your gaming console or PC. But you need more than these technologies to elevate your gaming experience. More than anything, you need a comfortable gaming chair. And if you have tried one, you will surely refuse to use anything else.

However, gaming chairs are somewhat costly and you may think that they are just a waste of money. The truth is; they are worth the investment. But you just need to be careful when doing your shopping since what can be perfect to another person may not be the best for you.

Surprisingly, the demands for gaming chairs are increasing these days. Nielsen study explains why this is so when it pointed out that the average person ageing at least 13 years old these days spend at least 6.3 hours every week playing a video game. This refers to everyone and does not limit to gamers alone. Meaning, gamers spend more time doing their thing, they can even be playing video games 2-3 times or even more than the average person.

The last thing you want to happen is find yourself seated on an uncomfortable office chair when playing your favorite video game. To make the most of the experience, you would rather invest on a gaming chair that gives you utmost comfort. Besides, gaming chairs are packed with features that will work on your favor.

Below are the types of gaming chair you can choose from:

Rocker gaming chair

Its distinct feature is the absence of wheels and legs since it sits directly on the floor. It is known for its L shaped design and is very comfortable to use. All you need is to lean back comfortably while playing your favorite video game. Also, it is added with a wireless system and RCA stereo input. It also comes with a sub-woofer and speakers. Take delight in its memory foam padding and fully immerse yourself in the game as you connect to other gamers wirelessly using this chair.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

It is somewhat similar to rockers. The only difference is that they have additional presestal underneath the seat. This gives you the option to swivel around or even sit higher than the ground.

PC Gaming Chair

This looks like a normal office chair but designed to fit in for gaming. It comes with ergonomic features like headrest, lumbar pad and comfortable arm rest. Some are even made with authentic race car seat materials which can lean back up to 180 degrees without causing you to tip over. Side supports are also provided that allows utmost comfort to as long as you want to.

Racer Gaming Chair

If you love racing then this one is best for you. This is built with pedals, steering wheels and shift knob to make your car racing game like a true racing experience.

So, check out for some of the best PC gaming chairs today and elevate your gaming experience to something you never expect it to be.

Three Disadvantages of Natural Dishwashing Detergents – and Why They Don’t Matter

For the longest time, using dishwashing detergent has been indispensable when it comes to cleaning dishes and other utensils after use. Sure, water is fine in some cases, but oil is almost impossible to strip off dishes without wasting so much water. This is all thanks to the chemicals added to the dishwashing liquid which bonds with oils and loosens up residues. Interestingly, dishwashing soap manufacturers are coming up with ingenious ideas that can help do away with said strong chemicals yet retain the capability of a dishwashing liquid to do what it’s supposed to do. Still, there’s a good reason as to why not everyone is shifting to natural cleaning agents, particularly dishwashing detergents. Here are some of the most notable reasons why.


  1. Cost

It’s not just about dishwashing detergents and cleaning agents that people are starting to opt for the natural alternative. One thing in common with natural options is the fact that they are typically more costly than ones made up of harsh chemical ingredients. There are numerous reasons for this. And once consumers understand these reasons, it’s easier to see and appreciate why natural cleaning agents and product alternatives have bigger numbers on their price tags. One worth mentioning is the fact that chemicals can be manufactured on-location whereas natural ingredients have to be sourced from different locations. Transport costs are already a significant addition to its final cost.

  1. Less efficient.

In a lot of cases, natural product alternatives are more effective than synthetic options. However, when it comes to a dishwashing detergent, natural isn’t always the one considered to be more effective. When it comes to bonding with oil and removing them from cutlery, chemicals still does the job better as it was designed to do what they’re supposed to do. Nevertheless, natural detergents still do their job well, all without the risk of skin irritations and dryness.

  1. Feels weird

Everyone is already quite familiar with how laundry and dishwashing detergent feels by now. Shifting to natural detergent options will feel a bit awkward at first. But it’s important to note that this unusual feeling is the feeling of not having any harsh chemicals wreaks havoc on the skin. Some chemical additives in different products are simply added for the sake of providing a sense of feedback, a sensation that serves as some sort of cue. A perfect example of this is shampoo and the bubbles it produces while lathering. These bubbles, as some might refuse to believe, are useless. The absence of these bubbles is actually the reason why so many people are hesitant to switch to natural shampoos. And, unfortunately, the same thing goes with switching to natural detergents.

As responsible consumers, however, it’s absolutely important to check the reliability of certain brands before committing to buying their dishwashing detergent. Reading reviews and informative articles such as ones found at Fit House Holds helps significantly in cutting down the number of brands to choose from. Reviews are invaluable in helping buyers transition to natural cleaning products more effectively.

Give Your Home Gardening Equipment Some TLC and Be More Productive

Shopping for gardening tools and supplies is a fun experience, but actually using them is perhaps the most exciting part of setting up a garden. If you’re a starter, knowing how it feels to use a rake, a shovel, or a trowel can be very fulfilling. While it’s really fun to utilize these pieces of equipment, it’s very important that you learn how to maintain your tools. Before you dive head-on into home gardening, please know that giving your home gardening equipment the tender loving care or TLC they truly deserve is crucial in keeping them working properly. Having a well-functioning equipment can make home gardening a breeze, not to mention more enjoyable. Having a faulty garden tool can turn the simplest tasks into a laborious vexation.


So, how can you actually show your love for your garden tools? First, you have to make sure that you and the rest of your family use your home gardening equipment according to manufacturer’s instruction. This is particularly important in electrical or battery-operated machines. For example, if you’re using your lawn mower all year round, be sure to 1.) remove grass, grime, and other debris from the underside after each use, 2.) change oil, 3.) clean the air filter, and 4.) clean the spark plugs based on manufacturer’s direction. The contents of this website are worth the read especially if you want to find out more about buying and maintaining lawn mowers. Using your tools properly will keep them in tip-top shape longer and serve you and your garden for many years.


Of course, aside from proper use, proper storage must also be observed. Home gardening equipment and tools that are left outside and exposed to the weather will make them prone to rusting and deterioration. Keeping your gardening supplies in a dry, clean place will not only keep moisture away from your supplies but will also protect your valuable equipment from theft.


There are basically two ways to store your tools: by hanging and shelving. Keeping your handheld home gardening equipment on wall pegs, hangars, wall units, hanging racks, and tool organizers is a very good step towards good tool maintenance. Aside from saving you a huge amount of storage space, hanging them helps prevent damage to the sharp edges. Not only will it keep your supplies and equipment off the ground, but it will help keep your tools organized. For tools that cannot be hung, storing them in racks or shelves is a wise idea.


Cleaning and drying them after use is also very important for optimum functioning. Giving your home gardening equipment a little brushing off with a rag or whisk broom every day can make the difference between fix-free operation and lots of costly repairs. Be sure to remove soil and other kinds of dirt from your digging tools and give particular attention to the working ends and edges.


Preventing rust is also crucial. Applying some type of protective coating to the surface (such as lubricants) can effectively prevent the formation of rust. Given the high price of top-quality home gardening equipment, it’s important to prevent rust from forming to ensure many productive years in the garden.


Home gardening equipment and supplies deserve a little TLC. Maintaining your home gardening equipment not only saves you time and effort, it also saves you a lot of money on repair and refurbishment. You don’t necessarily have to use a considerable amount of elbow grease to maintain your tools. Proper use, proper storage, cleaning, and drying are more than enough to ensure a more productive time in the garden.

Three Ways to Improve the Shower Area

For a lot of people, what they consider as the jolt that really wakes them up in the morning is their cup of coffee. However, due to the normalcy of taking a shower every single workday, it’s overlooked as a more ubiquitous and more effective way to fully wake up and start a morning routine. Also, the fact that most people aren’t really enjoying their shower like they’re supposed to make it somewhat a lackluster experience compared to a coffee’s proverbial kick. A big reason why this is the case is due to the fact that shower areas in most homes aren’t optimized. It’s like their shower area was an afterthought or simply allocated a space just because it’s part of what makes a bathroom, well – a bathroom. Improving the shower area might take some serious renovating, which means that it’s going to cost money. But the result is going to speak for itself. Mornings start better with a good shower and a cup of black coffee

  1. Consider using wall panels instead of tiles.

Most walls of shower areas in homes are still lined by tiles. In a sense, tiles are practical just because they’re cheaper than glass panels. But in the long run, tiles pale in comparison in terms of practicality. Tiles are grout magnets. And the irony of tiles being constantly exposed to water and soap yet end up collecting grime and grout is frustrating. Scrubbing grout away, while being somewhat a satisfying experience, is better done without. Wall panels provide a more streamlined look as well as a cleaner bathroom wall or floor.

  1. Buy a multifunctional shower panel.

Shower panels that have control options for spray adjustments might sound like luxury items. But anyone who has actually tried using one can attest to just how great if feels to have control of the flow of water. A fine mist shower after an exhausting day at work sounds relaxing. Similarly, rainfall shower is also a great break for the usual kind of shower that the typical two-knobbed temperature control provides. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a shower panel, however. It’s not just the functions that should be looked into but also the build quality. Check out this great post as well as other reviews that can help in narrowing down the options.

  1. Tear down thick walls.

Mansions can afford to have thick-walled shower areas because their bathrooms are already large enough to fit two cars, to begin with. However, middle-class houses should avoid dividing their bathroom with a solid wall just to accentuate the shower area. Instead, use a glass wall which would greatly improve the feeling of having more space. Sure, it may be an illusion. Tricking the eye and making it believe that there is indeed more space. But that’s the point. Admittedly, if there are already walls that need tearing down, it may cost a bit in renovation costs. But considering that the bathroom is going to be used on a daily basis for years to come, it’s a sound investment.

Choosing the Right Kind of Back Massager

Buying a back massager is practically a necessity these days. Back then when there was no research that had irrefutable proof of the ill effects of prolonged sitting, massagers were considered superficial. In fact, it would have stayed as a luxury item should society have stuck to a working environment where they didn’t have to sit down for eight to twelve hours every day. At the turn of the century, corporate workplaces normalized the eight-hour work where employees worked hours on end in front of their desks. Since it’s impossible to ask employees to stand up for eight hours straight, it’s much better to stick to practical and doable solutions. One of these solutions is to buy a back massager and use it on a regular basis. But with so many back massagers to choose from, it’s going to be quite a chore picking out which of them is the best. One way to help make it easier is to check sites like https://www.massagetut.com/best-back-massagers/ and filter out brands that aren’t really up to the task. Brands aside, choosing what type of back massager to use beforehand is also important. Here are some of the best options around.

  1. Foam rollers

Although foam rollers are most popular among runners, it doesn’t change its intrinsically impressive back massaging benefits. What makes a simple foam-coated pipe great for massaging is that it can provide ample pressure due to the person’s bodyweight pressing against it. In comparison, hand massagers and rollers lack the satisfying pressure because it has to be manually pressed. It’s exhausting, yet no matter how hard one might try, handheld rollers are unable to provide optimal pressure and pleasure.

  1. Hand massagers

While handheld rollers are indeed lacking in terms of pressure, satisfaction and optimal health benefits, it makes up for it with its portability. Being able to bring one in the office and use it is a big advantage. Needless to say that using a foam roller in the office is weird and unprofessional. Rolling and writhing around on the office floor in a business suit is an object of ridicule, not to mention unhygienic. And this is where handheld massagers are able to prove their use.

  1. Massage chairs

It may seem counterintuitive to use a chair to offset the negative effects of sitting, but one must recognize that massage chairs are entirely different from regular chairs. Massage chairs provide unparalleled comfort compared to even the most comfortable office chair. The weight distribution is also something to write home about. Since massage chairs are reclined at an ideal angle, the stress on the spine is reduced significantly. Another quality that separates massage chairs from regular chairs is that it has a massage function, obviously. Nevertheless, no matter how much praise massage chairs may get, it’s still important to choose a good brand. A brand that is able to deliver on its promises in terms of quality and longevity. The build quality of massage chairs should never be compromised as they are composed of moving parts.