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Choosing the Right Kind of Back Massager | Eat Healthy Food

Choosing the Right Kind of Back Massager

Buying a back massager is practically a necessity these days. Back then when there was no research that had irrefutable proof of the ill effects of prolonged sitting, massagers were considered superficial. In fact, it would have stayed as a luxury item should society have stuck to a working environment where they didn’t have to sit down for eight to twelve hours every day. At the turn of the century, corporate workplaces normalized the eight-hour work where employees worked hours on end in front of their desks. Since it’s impossible to ask employees to stand up for eight hours straight, it’s much better to stick to practical and doable solutions. One of these solutions is to buy a back massager and use it on a regular basis. But with so many back massagers to choose from, it’s going to be quite a chore picking out which of them is the best. One way to help make it easier is to check sites like¬†https://www.massagetut.com/best-back-massagers/¬†and filter out brands that aren’t really up to the task. Brands aside, choosing what type of back massager to use beforehand is also important. Here are some of the best options around.

  1. Foam rollers

Although foam rollers are most popular among runners, it doesn’t change its intrinsically impressive back massaging benefits. What makes a simple foam-coated pipe great for massaging is that it can provide ample pressure due to the person’s bodyweight pressing against it. In comparison, hand massagers and rollers lack the satisfying pressure because it has to be manually pressed. It’s exhausting, yet no matter how hard one might try, handheld rollers are unable to provide optimal pressure and pleasure.

  1. Hand massagers

While handheld rollers are indeed lacking in terms of pressure, satisfaction and optimal health benefits, it makes up for it with its portability. Being able to bring one in the office and use it is a big advantage. Needless to say that using a foam roller in the office is weird and unprofessional. Rolling and writhing around on the office floor in a business suit is an object of ridicule, not to mention unhygienic. And this is where handheld massagers are able to prove their use.

  1. Massage chairs

It may seem counterintuitive to use a chair to offset the negative effects of sitting, but one must recognize that massage chairs are entirely different from regular chairs. Massage chairs provide unparalleled comfort compared to even the most comfortable office chair. The weight distribution is also something to write home about. Since massage chairs are reclined at an ideal angle, the stress on the spine is reduced significantly. Another quality that separates massage chairs from regular chairs is that it has a massage function, obviously. Nevertheless, no matter how much praise massage chairs may get, it’s still important to choose a good brand. A brand that is able to deliver on its promises in terms of quality and longevity. The build quality of massage chairs should never be compromised as they are composed of moving parts.