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Cool Facts about Electric Scooters that You Must Know | Eat Healthy Food

Cool Facts about Electric Scooters that You Must Know

Electric scooters are by far the most popular micro transportation. This mini vehicle skyrocketed in popularity only last 2018 because of its heightened media exposure. Also, some big names in the entertainment industry are seen using electric scooters, which only amped the interest of many regarding this technology.

The rise of electric scooters is considered a revolution in the transportation sector. This development gradually transfigured the means of transportation of people for the good. No wonder, many big cities across America, Europe, and Asia are welcoming the idea of this so-called micro vehicle.

More and more people are opting for electric scooters. But how much do you know about this way of transportation? Come and find out interesting facts about it below.

Fact #1: The First Electric Scooter

Did you know that the first electric scooter design is for the benefit of elders?

The first electric scooter was designed as a wheelchair. The person behind this concept is Gino Tsai, a Taiwanese president of a reputable corporation. Tsai was having difficulty moving around, such as walking. It gave him an idea to invent an electric scooter to support mobility among elders and physically disabled individuals.

The perfect model of the electric scooter was introduced in 1988. It was meant as indoor transportation for both adults and kids.

Fact #2: Electric Scooter as a Legal Transportation

Some countries legalized the use of e-scooter as a means of transportation; one of the countries that celebrated this change was Germany. In the first four days of the legalization of e-scooter in the country, users made a collective 300,000 km of ride.

Seeing the advantages of e-scooters, many countries started to follow the footsteps of North America and Germany. Some already built roads, specifically for e-scooters.

Fact #3: Fuel Efficiency

E-scooters are more fuel-efficient compared to cars. Know that the average American weighs around 175lbs. And, according to the US Department of Energy, a standard American car weighs approximately 4,100lbs. Hence, a car weighs 23 times more than a person. Therefore, most of the car’s energy is utilized on the vehicle itself, which results in high fuel consumption.

Meanwhile, an e-scooter can carry an average-weight person without requiring fuel, since it relies on electricity. Moreover, a person can spend similar energy in riding an e-scooter to walking. And the best thing is, if 10,000 individuals use e-scooters daily, it will drastically reduce emissions by 35 million grams (35 metric tons) in a day.

Fact #4: E-Scooter for Kids

E-scooters are for all ages. But scooters for kids are lesser in speed to prevent accidents. If you are want to buy a scooter for your children, make sure to choose the right options. You can go to Guidecool to check out samples of top-seller e-scooters for kids.

Fact #5: Advanced E-Scooters Create their Power

Recent models of e-scooters are more advanced. These new creations can save energy by transforming kinetic energy from braking into power. If the rider applies the brake, the scooter is saving and creating more power.

What is your opinion on e-scooters?

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