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Different Types of Guinea Pig Cages You Need to Know About | Eat Healthy Food

Different Types of Guinea Pig Cages You Need to Know About

Guinea pigs are adorable little pets. They are also fun to watch, and you can teach guinea pigs tricks, like going through a maze. These animals are quite smart despite their size. For sure, you’ll be surprised and amazed at the things you can train them. Moreover, these cute little piggies are kid-friendly.

Contrary to popular belief that housing a guinea pig is easy, think again. Know that some cages are not healthy for guinea pigs. Some cages have potential harm to these admirable creatures. That is why you need to learn the different types of guinea pig cages before buying one.

Types of Guinea Pig Housing

1. Aquariums

Aquariums are the first choice of new guinea pig owners. It is because such a cage is cheaper and sturdy. Of course, it’ll break when dropped since it is made of glass. However, it is incredibly solid.

Being solid is the problem of aquariums as guinea pig cages. It allows little air to pass through the cage, causing a lack of air circulation. And, the poor guinea pig might suffocate.

Likewise, standard aquariums are too small for one guinea pig. Remember that guinea pigs are social animals. Hence, you need to get two or more and house them together. Therefore, an aquarium is not suitable for cavies.

2. Store-Bought Starter Guinea Pig Cages

You can find a wide variety of starter cages for cavies at local pet stores. Unfortunately, most of these starter guinea pig cages are too small for these creatures. The standard measurement of a cavy cage is 7.5 square feet and 10.5 feet for a pair of cavies.

If you are planning to buy one at a pet store, make sure the cage follows the standard measurement so your cavy could get enough living space. Also, go to reliable stores to guarantee that you’re buying the right guinea pig cage. If you want to buy through online stores, check out first this top guinea pig cages review.

3. Coroplast

Coroplast is a corrugated plastic that is a common material for guinea pig cages. Coroplast cages provide enough space for the cavy to roam. Moreover, you can add good bedding on the cage for a softer surface and easier cleaning.

Additional Tips                                                      

Aside from the above options, you can also make DIY cavy housing. Inside your home are various materials that can construct a great guinea pig cage. All you have to do is be creative.

If you are not the crafty type, what you can do is be observant and smart in choosing a guinea pig cage. Look for the right criteria and use it as your guide in searching for the best housing. For example, it must have the correct sizing and constructed using durable materials that are not harmful to the cavy’s health.

You can also go to Ultimate Pet Hub for details on the top-seller guinea pig cages. Furthermore, this online source provides honest reviews to help you find the right cage that suits your piggies. Visit Ultimate Pet Hub through its official website online.