Digipedal Guitar Pedals


Guitarists and other music instrumentalists all over the world comprehend the beauty in music and the adding of extra sound effects to their music. I am a music enthusiast, that’s why I am here. I don’t know why you’re reading this page but regardless of the reason, relax and enjoy the reading. In this article, I will talk of guitar pedals.

What are guitar pedals?

They are designs meant to alter the wavelength of sound from a guitar such that the sound coming out of the amplifier is of the desired pitch and quality and as such, they add extra effects to the music. They come in the shape of small metal boxes larger than 20×20 inches and are controlled using the feet. In this article, I will tell you what the guitar pedals are used for and the various types and models available.

Categories of guitar pedals

Their categories are determined by the effects they produce. The categories are so many that I cannot manage to list all of them on this article, Boost, overdrive, wah, reverb, distortion, equalizer, and fuzz pedals are a few of them. You can inquire from DigiPedal about more categories.

Do you really need a guitar pedal?

If you desire to produce world-class music, then it’s mandatory to have them. However, as a beginner, you may not recognize that because a lot of songs can be played straight up, but wait until you start growing in music to intermediate level, you’ll realize the missing sound effect.

Does it then mean that you wait until you’re a full-blown professional to start using then? Nay, centrally to the popular assertions, you will be able to learn faster and discover creative ways to hone and improve your musical skills if you begin from the onset. Believe it or not, the greatest instrumentalists who have earned a place in the world music history use a full set of guitar pedals with no intention of stopping.

Finally, on this segment, I recommend a stomp box for musicians who intend to play the popular metal and rock songs to an audience, listeners will appreciate so much because, by that, the song will resemble the original versions.

Uses of guitar pedal types

As alluded, the uses depend on pedal types and therefore not possible to deal with all of them here. I will, however, highlight a few of them to help you ponder different ways and situations you will need a pedal.

The most common ones are the boost pedal and the overdrive pedal. Boost pedals increase the guitar signal, makes the sound clear and louder. This makes them best for power metal songs and different eras of classic rock. Also, the distortion pedals are good for thrash and heavy metal music and punk genre. As you will find from DigiPedal, there are more advanced options which will depend on the music niche of your choice.


DigiPedal is the expert in music instruments and can offer you free advice on many aspects of music including guitar pedals. With the guitar pedals, you have an opportunity to join the league of global music icons.