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Electric Scooters You Should Check Out | Eat Healthy Food

Electric Scooters You Should Check Out

Electric Scooters is one, popular alternative way of transportation today. With its convenience and affordable price, there is no doubt that commuters now prefer this low-maintenance option compared to bicycles and motorbikes. If you are one of those people who live in an urban area where everything seems fast-paced, you have probably planned of having a scooter as well.  Whatever your reason for taking it aside, you should consider these best electric scooters that Scooters Dream has narrowed down and highlighted, and check them out!

The Best Electric Scooters

1. Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter

This modern-looking scooter is made of flexible and strong-build construction. What makes it unique is its foldable aircraft-grade aluminum frame in stealth black, and it comes with self-stand and patented dolly features. Its motor is also chainless and gearless because of is direct-drive brushless DC hub unit.

Price: $650.00

Nominal power: 250W-600W

Battery: 36V Li-ion from LG, rated at 7.8Ah

Charging time: 3.5 hours, and can run for about an hour or 15miles

Weight: 28lbs. and can support up to 225lbs.

Top Speed: 15mph

Pros: well-built, foldable, quality battery, modern design

Cons: cheap handlebar controls

2. Segway ES4 Kickscooter Ninebot

This mid-class scooter includes Bluetooth connectivity, LED display, cruise control, customizable ambient lights, and mobile app compatibility. It also has dual breaks, and wheels feature shock absorbers for improved comfort while riding. When folded, this scooter can be pulled by the handle.

Price: $730.01

Nominal power: 250W-500W

Battery:  external and internal Li-ion combined of 374Wh

Charging time: 3.5 hours, can run for 28miles

Weight: 31lbs., carry up to 220lbs.

Top Speed: 18.6mph with maximum 15 degrees climbing angle

Pros: dual brakes, cruise control, modern tech

Cons: heavy weight

3. UScooters Booster Plus

A simple yet straightforward scooter, the UScooters Booster Plus also features a modern design with long range distance and high top speed. The scooter’s tires are made airless; featuring shock absorber on the front wheel.

Price: $1,049.00

Nominal power: 500W

Battery:  36V Li-ion rated at 8.7Ah

Charging time: 3 hours, can run for 20miles

Weight: can carry 275lbs.

Top Speed: 22mph

Pros: easily foldable

Cons: a bit sturdy

4. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is made of modern, ergonomic design, sturdy construction, and high-grade aluminum alloys. It has 8.5” wheels in the back and front that has disc brakes and anti-lock eABS regenerative system, and is compatible with a proprietary performance tracking app.

Price: $399.00

Nominal power: 280Wh

Battery:  multi-cell Li-ion, paired with 250W brushless motor

Charging time: 5 hours, can run for 18.6miles

Top Speed: 15.5mph

Pros: affordable, double breaks, easy to fold/unfold

Cons: Underpowered

5. F1 E-bike Nanrobot D4+

One of the most powerful driving units in its class, Nanrobot D4+ is equipped with six shock absorbers, 10” wheels, disc brakes, a carbon steel front fork. It has 2,000W motors (one for each wheel), which means that you can set the drive train to single- or all-wheel drive. This scooter also provides and an option to add a seat.

Price: $1,349-$1,549

Battery:  23.4Ah 52V lithium battery

Weight: 330 lbs capacity

Top Speed: 40mph, can run up to 45 miles

Pros: all-wheel drive, disc brakes, fast speed, wide range

Cons: expensive

All of them seem to be a great deal, right? Now if you are still having a hard time and want to know more about these scooters and Scooters Dream’s most recommended electrical scooter, check their website at https://scootersdream.com/best-electric-scooter-complete-reviews-with-comparisons/ and be convinced yourself!