Foosball Guide: Five Qualities of Excellent Outdoor Foosball Tables to Look For

A foosball table can get pricey. The price of a foosball table usually depends on the features, size, and aesthetics of the item. Thus, if you are planning to get one for your kids or just to assuage your love for soccer, make sure to get the best outdoor foosball table that is worth your money. Choosing the wrong foosball table has no positive outcome. You will just regret your purchase and end up wasting cash. Then, how can you mitigate selecting poor quality foosball tables?

When browsing for foosball tables good for using outdoors, it is significant to consider your options. List your preferences and use it as a guide in seeking out the right foosball table for you. Most importantly, never forget to check out these five essential qualities of an outdoor foosball table to guarantee a worthwhile investment of your money.

#1 Secure and Sturdy Build 

Never choose a foosball with poor construction and build. Always pick one that is made of high-quality materials and has a secure construction that can last for years of use. Foosball tables that are durable usually feature nylon leg levelers or an anti-rust rod. Thus, when looking for a foosball table, check out first the legs and base of the table.

#2 Weather Resilient 

Of course, an outdoor foosball table must be resistant to weather conditions. It is easy to identify a foosball that characterizes this feature. You have to look for specifications such as waterproof, anti-rust and chromium plating. A foosball with this feature can withstand different weather conditions. In addition, there are specific foosballs that are designed as snow-resilient. You might want to check out first this features if you happen to live in an area that snows heavily.

#3 Easy to Transport 

Outdoor foosball tables that are difficult to transport is typically an unwise investment. Outdoor foosball tables should be easy to be carried and assembled by a maximum of two individuals. Thus, choose foosball tables that are lightweight and easy to transport. Such foosball tables usually have a smaller size. But if you have a vehicle with enough room to transport larger tables, you can go for it.

#4 Size 

When choosing a foosball table, take in mind that the larger the models are, the more enjoyable the game. Larger foosball table has more room to spare for playing. Hence, the player’s won’t bump to one another while playing the game. However, you have to watch out for the price. Larger foosball tables are more expensive compared to smaller ones.

#5 Can Stay Outdoors for a Year 

Now, this feature is one of the most important aspects of a foosball table. Although there is a foosball table that claims to be waterproof, yet it could survive for a whole year outdoors. A foosball table with this feature is a combination of various weather resistant qualities. If you stumble upon a foosball table that says waterproof, rust-resistant, snow resilient and durable, you definitely came across what you’re looking for.

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