Girlfriend Activation System: How is GFAS Useful to Men?

GFAS or Girlfriend Activation System is one of the Social Man’s popular online dating programs – a multimedia course – that aim to help men find and attract women. The GFAS is packed up with different tips and techniques on how to make a woman want you, need you and be loyal to you, gaining a long-term and solid relationship.

What are the core ideas that make the GFAS so popular these days?

GFAS’ core idea is to make an average guy become an “alpha-male” or get recognized as an “ideal man” or “boyfriend material”. Also, if you already have a girlfriend, the GFAS is designed to make your girl want you even more, as it makes a strong bond between you and your girlfriend.

What does it include?

To clarify, GFAS is not a book; it is a program, a video course with a series of interesting and useful videos, including video seminar by the creator himself, Christian Hudson. It consists of 23 modules that provide strategies on how to improve your relationship with women. To get into details, you can visit this website, but for now, here’s a quick rundown on what to find in GFAS:

  • As a member, get access to both the old and the new versions of GFAS (GFAS V1 and GFAS V2).
  • Get access to SM Member Community forum – this will help you get more advice and techniques from various successful men and dating experts.
  • A 14-Day Free Trial on the “The Ten Code” – a training guide to successful dating.
  • Get a wide-range of bonus programs.

How can GFAS help you?

GFAS’ 23 modules are well-derived; each of the modules will provide you a step-by-step procedure on how to win a woman’s heart or make your girlfriend want you even more. Here is how GFAS was derived that makes each move a success:

First 10 modules – The first 10 modules are focused on pre-work or known as “preparation phase” – a crucial phase that either will make or take your move. In this module, you’ll get a preview of what is going to happen and what you should expect each day from Christian Hudson himself.

Modules 11 to 22 – The next ten modules will teach you how to get a girlfriend; to be particular, modules from 19 to 21 will provide you dating scenarios, as well as, tips on how to survive the date in the most positive way that will possibly lead to girlfriend and boyfriend status.

Do not skip each module because each one of these is crucial; remember that every woman in this world is one of its kind, and Christian Hudson made sure that there are contingencies for every scenario you will meet during the date.

Moreover, the GFAS will provide you details on how to handle dating scenarios with your girlfriend that will help you and your girl end up in bed.

More importantly, the Girlfriend Activation System will also give you details on how to make your relationship with your girlfriend strong and longer.