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Give Your Home Gardening Equipment Some TLC and Be More Productive | Eat Healthy Food

Give Your Home Gardening Equipment Some TLC and Be More Productive

Shopping for gardening tools and supplies is a fun experience, but actually using them is perhaps the most exciting part of setting up a garden. If you’re a starter, knowing how it feels to use a rake, a shovel, or a trowel can be very fulfilling. While it’s really fun to utilize these pieces of equipment, it’s very important that you learn how to maintain your tools. Before you dive head-on into home gardening, please know that giving your home gardening equipment the tender loving care or TLC they truly deserve is crucial in keeping them working properly. Having a well-functioning equipment can make home gardening a breeze, not to mention more enjoyable. Having a faulty garden tool can turn the simplest tasks into a laborious vexation.


So, how can you actually show your love for your garden tools? First, you have to make sure that you and the rest of your family use your home gardening equipment according to manufacturer’s instruction. This is particularly important in electrical or battery-operated machines. For example, if you’re using your lawn mower all year round, be sure to 1.) remove grass, grime, and other debris from the underside after each use, 2.) change oil, 3.) clean the air filter, and 4.) clean the spark plugs based on manufacturer’s direction. The contents of this website are worth the read especially if you want to find out more about buying and maintaining lawn mowers. Using your tools properly will keep them in tip-top shape longer and serve you and your garden for many years.


Of course, aside from proper use, proper storage must also be observed. Home gardening equipment and tools that are left outside and exposed to the weather will make them prone to rusting and deterioration. Keeping your gardening supplies in a dry, clean place will not only keep moisture away from your supplies but will also protect your valuable equipment from theft.


There are basically two ways to store your tools: by hanging and shelving. Keeping your handheld home gardening equipment on wall pegs, hangars, wall units, hanging racks, and tool organizers is a very good step towards good tool maintenance. Aside from saving you a huge amount of storage space, hanging them helps prevent damage to the sharp edges. Not only will it keep your supplies and equipment off the ground, but it will help keep your tools organized. For tools that cannot be hung, storing them in racks or shelves is a wise idea.


Cleaning and drying them after use is also very important for optimum functioning. Giving your home gardening equipment a little brushing off with a rag or whisk broom every day can make the difference between fix-free operation and lots of costly repairs. Be sure to remove soil and other kinds of dirt from your digging tools and give particular attention to the working ends and edges.


Preventing rust is also crucial. Applying some type of protective coating to the surface (such as lubricants) can effectively prevent the formation of rust. Given the high price of top-quality home gardening equipment, it’s important to prevent rust from forming to ensure many productive years in the garden.


Home gardening equipment and supplies deserve a little TLC. Maintaining your home gardening equipment not only saves you time and effort, it also saves you a lot of money on repair and refurbishment. You don’t necessarily have to use a considerable amount of elbow grease to maintain your tools. Proper use, proper storage, cleaning, and drying are more than enough to ensure a more productive time in the garden.