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Home Tips on How to Store Wine Efficiently | Eat Healthy Food

Home Tips on How to Store Wine Efficiently

Stocking or collecting good wines is complex; there are a lot of factors that you need to consider to keep its flavor, texture, freshness, and aroma last longer. The fact that most wines today are consumed and enjoyed within a few years of release, you have to invest in good-grade wine storage, especially when you are planning to buy wines to mature.

Anyway, here are some simple home tips on how to store wine effectively:

#1: Always store your wine at a proper temperature

White, red, and sparkling wines should be stored at a stable temperature to avoid damage or spoiling the wine; this is also the reason why experts highly recommend using a wine cooler instead of storing it inside the fridge, where there are constant changes of temperature. Additionally, most fridges are set 38-degrees F (3-degrees C) to avoid food spoilage, but for wines, 38-degrees F is too cold.

  • Red wines – The best temperature is at 62 – 68 degrees F (16-20 degrees C).
  • White wines – The best temperature is at 49 – 55 degrees F (9-12 degrees C).
  • Sparkling wines – The best temperature is at 40 degrees F (4 degrees C).

If you are planning to store all kinds of wine, may it be red, white, or sparkling in a storage cooler you have to remember that each wine requires specific temperatures to achieve the perfect taste, texture, freshness, and aroma. Fortunately, there are wine coolers with dual zones that you can invest in.

Dual-zone wine coolers are designed with two separate spaces with separate temperature controls that allow you to store the red and wines together at the same unit but getting a different and stable temperature. At perfectwinetemp.com there are well-reviewed brands of dual zone wine keepers that you can read and decide which wine cooler suits you better.

#2: Keep your wines away from direct sunlight

The reason why wine cellars are cold but not freezing and dark is to prevent the acceleration of the aging process. This also explains why most of the good wines that are stored inside boxes or crates, for delivery, are wrapped in cloth. So, if you are going to collect good wines, make sure to keep them inside a cool storage area with stable temperature and away from direct sunlight or light.

#3: Keep the humidity at 70 percent

This is to avoid drying the corks, leading to air bubbles and seepage. However, too much humidity will thrive mold on the cork and even inside of the bottle. Anyway, keeping your wines stored inside a wine cooler will guarantee you a better environment for the wine.

#4: Position your wine correctly

There is a correct position to keep the freshness, taste, texture, and aroma of the wine intact and that is to keep the cork-sealed wines on their side until it is opened. Also, it will keep the bottom of the wine cork moist, preventing seepage and the presence of air bubbles inside the wine.

Is this helpful?

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