How to Best Care for Your Pet Dog

Taking care of a dog, or any pet is just like taking care of a baby. A dog has needs that are somewhat similar to that of a human. In order for you to be able to provide happiness to your pet dog, and be a responsible dog owner, you should always keep in mind the following things.

Give your dog proper nutrition

The most important thing that you need to know about your dog’s health is choosing the quality of food you give to it. Knowing the size, the breed, and the age of your dog would help you determine what best to give it. Check the labels on the packages of the dog food you buy to know if they include all the nutrients your pet needs. The amount of food should also be considered, as well as the frequency of feeding. Most breeds should be fed twice a day for them to get the proper nutrition they need, and provide them the energy that they would be using. Do not give treats in excess as this would be hazardous to their health. Reserve treats when you are training the dog to properly discipline it. Avoid foods with chocolate, raisins, onions, and food with sweeteners in it. Freshwater should also always be made available for your dog. Make sure to fill up its water bowl when it’s already empty and replace the water if you see some dirt particles in it. Dogs can get sick because of the dirty water that they drink.

Provide shelter for your dog

If you do not want to let your dog sleep inside the house, make sure that you have a dog house built for him outside. Equip it with a warm bed to sleep in and easy access to the food and water. (You can check out some top dog beds for large breeds here). Clean your dog’s house regularly, just as much as you clean your own house. However, if you decide to keep your dog indoors, you still have to provide it a comfortable space to sleep in when it needs to rest. Also consider training it to go to a certain place to relieve itself as you would not want it to do it just anywhere in the house, especially on the rug.

Take it to the vet regularly

It is vital for a dog to be vaccinated for different diseases common to dogs. There are certain vaccines that have to be administered every year. Have your pet checked for other possible illnesses every time you take it to the vet. Your canine companion would also need some treatments for parasites like worms and fleas. If you do not want your dog to breed, you might want to consider having it neutered. However, many vets would advise you about the health risks that neutering will bring your pet. Do not forget to ask the vet for suggestions on what to feed it or other supplements you should be giving your pet.