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How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair for You | Eat Healthy Food

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair for You


If you are a gamer then most likely, you spend most of your time at home in front of your gaming console or PC. But you need more than these technologies to elevate your gaming experience. More than anything, you need a comfortable gaming chair. And if you have tried one, you will surely refuse to use anything else.

However, gaming chairs are somewhat costly and you may think that they are just a waste of money. The truth is; they are worth the investment. But you just need to be careful when doing your shopping since what can be perfect to another person may not be the best for you.

Surprisingly, the demands for gaming chairs are increasing these days. Nielsen study explains why this is so when it pointed out that the average person ageing at least 13 years old these days spend at least 6.3 hours every week playing a video game. This refers to everyone and does not limit to gamers alone. Meaning, gamers spend more time doing their thing, they can even be playing video games 2-3 times or even more than the average person.

The last thing you want to happen is find yourself seated on an uncomfortable office chair when playing your favorite video game. To make the most of the experience, you would rather invest on a gaming chair that gives you utmost comfort. Besides, gaming chairs are packed with features that will work on your favor.

Below are the types of gaming chair you can choose from:

Rocker gaming chair

Its distinct feature is the absence of wheels and legs since it sits directly on the floor. It is known for its L shaped design and is very comfortable to use. All you need is to lean back comfortably while playing your favorite video game. Also, it is added with a wireless system and RCA stereo input. It also comes with a sub-woofer and speakers. Take delight in its memory foam padding and fully immerse yourself in the game as you connect to other gamers wirelessly using this chair.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

It is somewhat similar to rockers. The only difference is that they have additional presestal underneath the seat. This gives you the option to swivel around or even sit higher than the ground.

PC Gaming Chair

This looks like a normal office chair but designed to fit in for gaming. It comes with ergonomic features like headrest, lumbar pad and comfortable arm rest. Some are even made with authentic race car seat materials which can lean back up to 180 degrees without causing you to tip over. Side supports are also provided that allows utmost comfort to as long as you want to.

Racer Gaming Chair

If you love racing then this one is best for you. This is built with pedals, steering wheels and shift knob to make your car racing game like a true racing experience.

So, check out for some of the best PC gaming chairs today and elevate your gaming experience to something you never expect it to be.