How to Choose the Best Steam Iron

Ironing is one of the most dreaded chores. But, it would not be that terrible if you have a reliable steam iron to make the task faster and easier. Here is a guide on how you can be sure to purchase the best steam iron in the market.


1. Wattage


Not too many people are very detailed as to check the wattage of any of the appliances they buy for their homes. Little do they know that it is one of the most important factors to consider to be able to save on power usage and also for safety. The higher the wattage of the steam iron, the faster it gets hotter. This would lessen the time for you to wait for the device to heat up before using it. In this case, you would be able to save more on the usage of electricity. The cost of a steam iron with a higher wattage could be more expensive compared to ones with lower wattage, but it would give you better results and let you save more in the long run.


2. Soleplate


One of the most vital factors a steam iron, or any iron for that matter, should be the soleplate. Choose one that is non-stick, smooth and scratch-resistant. This would give you better ironing experience as the iron would glide nicely over your fabric. Stainless steel soleplates are the most recommended, although you can also get ones made of anodized aluminum or ceramic.


3. Steam output


Steam irons are made of steam. It is that one feature that separates it from other irons. So, you have to choose one that gives the best steam output. Look for a product that has smaller steam vents (though not the tiniest) but more in number. This would allow the steam to be evenly distributed and would cover the area faster. Also, select a steam iron that has powerful steam blasts or steam jets. The stronger the blast, the easier and faster for the unwanted and difficult creases to disappear.


4. Water tank


This part of the iron is where water is contained to be used for steaming. You would want to consider the size of the tank, if it’s removable or not, and also if the hole where the water passes through is large enough. The bigger the tank, the lesser times you would need to refill it. It would be heavier though, but it would cut the time of ironing especially if you are doing a pile of laundry. The hole should also be large enough so the water would be able to flow through faster and easier.


5. Other features


Features like vertical ironing, self-cleaning, auto shut off, anti-drip, anti-calcium, variable steam, and temperature control should also be considered when choosing a steam iron for the home. It is vital to know what each feature would give you and how it would make ironing easier for you. You can check out this site to learn more about steam irons, including tips and tricks in ironing.