Important K Cup Hacks

There is more than a hundred k cup hacks people share all over the internet, but I’m only going to give you three that are the most important and most helpful.


The first and the most important one is; saving money on your k cups. Many people think that using k cups is more expensive compared to using classic coffee brew because they think that they can only use each k cup once. Actually, that’s not exactly true – for ones that have filters in it though. What you just have to basically do is choose the best coffee k cups that are strong and reuse them. That’s it. It works for people who could make do with lighter coffee at the end of the day.


This next hack is for those who want to drink more than a cup of coffee in one sitting. It’s a hustle to get up from your chair and make yourself another cup after finishing the one that you just brewed a few minutes ago, especially if you have to be glued to your seat to finish a paper or a report that’s due before the day ends. For this, choose the flavor you want best – or you can mix two or three flavors together depending on your taste, and brew them one at a time just like how you usually do your coffee. After making one, you can transfer the made coffee to your tumbler then make a second batch. For some makers, you can actually fit the tumbler in the brewer by removing the catch tray under – the removable container that catches the extra water that drips out of the machine after you remove your cup. You would be able to easily fit the tumbler right in and don’t have to transfer the coffee from one cup to another. You can also use a thermos if you want a bigger container. This would also keep your coffee hot for a longer period of time.


This one last hack is truly helpful, particularly for those who have a specific new version of the single serve coffee machine. Have you ever tried to put your favorite best coffee k cups and the screen would tell you that your cups aren’t designed for the brewer? You don’t have to worry anymore about spending more than you should for other cups that don’t suit your taste. If you’ve noticed, the cups that the machine accepts are those with a special seal around the edges of the cup. That’s what the brewer is actually reading. So, you can just buy one of those, cut the top off – make sure to do it carefully so you won’t ruin it – and then tape that on top of the cup that you want to use. You can reuse the lid for other cups, as well, as long as you don’t glue it on permanently. So, you can buy any k cup you want that would suit your taste without worrying about the machine anymore.