Photography Tips for Beginners: Take Pictures Like a Pro

Are you starting to take photography to a more serious level? If you are a beginner and do not know what to do to improve your skills in taking pictures, perhaps this article can help you build up your knowledge in photography and have the confidence to take a new step to a new level. Below are some of the several top tips on how to take pictures like a professional:

  1. Know the basics with lights

Lights matters when it comes to taking pictures, where proper lighting is the only way to create a successful image – light in photography is everything. Also, to get a good shot at every angle, know the correct exposure. Correct exposure means taking a photo with the right quantity of light that exposes the image sensor. So, to play with the right amount of light, you need to:

  • Correct use of aperture

Since the aperture size can affect the depth of the field, you need to know how to use it well. For instance, use a filter that has a neutral density to restrict a significant amount of lighting from reaching the image sensor.

  • Decide on how long you need to leave the shutter open

Shutters are usually left open for 0.005 seconds, .0165 seconds, and 5 seconds, however, you should remember that the slower the shutter speed is, the higher chances that the light will reach in; thus, will produce a blurry picture. Additionally, if you are going to buy a camera, make sure that you know how the shutter works on them because the shutter speed can affect the camera’s sensitivity to motion.

  • Know how to adjust the ISO

The ISO settings usually measure the sensitivity of the sensor to the light; for instance, the higher ISO is the greater the chances that you will be able to capture images in darker situations. The aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work together; a lens with 100mm must have a shutter speed lower than 1/100th seconds can capture a clear image.

  1. Know the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds in photography implies the alignment of the subject with the lines, such as the two horizontal lines lying across the image and finishing it with other two vertical lines making nine equal squares. Rule of thirds is applied to improve the image with the right balance and composition; for instance, letting the subject out of the center square of the focal point will create a more unique in interesting aesthetics in photography.

  1. Learn how to hold the camera well

If you are not using a more advanced DSLR, you need to learn how to hold the camera well to avoid blurry images. If you are not confident enough to hold the camera, you may use monopod stick or tripod. There are several other tips that you may use as a preference on how to take pictures like a professional. If you want to live like a pro you may check some tutorials at Photography Anytime; they are one of the best sources in photography.