Projector Screens for Outdoor Use

Going back to the days when projector screens were not yet known to most of the public; watching movies or videos in larger full screen outside of a building or structure is just a dream or still an idea. Now, with a high quality projector screens, people can watch anything anywhere; whether it is in the middle of the forest, or in your backyard. If you and your family or friends are planning to go out of the city to camp somewhere far away from the city lights, adding projector screens to the list of things you have to bring can level up the fun and adventure.  Imagine being entertained while relaxing under the stars; that would be pure heaven.

Looking for the right projector screens for you might be a little bit challenging; especially for those who are still new when it comes to using projector screens. In this article, some of the best projector screens that are perfect for outside use are introduced. This might help you decide which projector screen you should choose.

One of the most sought out projector screens in the market is the Visual Apex Projector Screen. Having the view size of 144″, this projector screen is good for either indoor or outdoor use. It comes with detachable legs and its material easily snaps tightly on the frame. Its cloth is made up of white Cinema Matte 1.1 Gain and has 160 degree angle for viewing. The material used for the screen is UV protected and is washable. If it gets dirty, no need to stress over it because you can just hose spray to clean it.

The Varmax Portable Projector Screen is made of white durable Matte with PVC surface. This screen is water proof so no need to stress out when it starts to rain while you’re enjoying a good movie outside your backyard. The same with the previous suggested projector screen, this screen is easy to clean. This screen can provide brighter image compared to other screens; also suitable for daytime use.

GBTIGER 120 inch Outdoor Movie Projector Screens can be used in your home theater, when attending business meetings and conventions, or conducting a presentation. For those who think having to bring legs for the screen is a hassle, this screen might be the best for you. No need to bring along the legs to make the projector screen stand. This item is designed to have holes on it corner to make it much easier to install. All you need to have is rope, nails, or anything that might help to hang this screen. This item also comes with a bag for easier storage.

With the modernized society, everything seems to be possible. Even watching your favorite movie in an open space is possible. Now, watching movies are not limited to indoors. All you need to have is a quality projector screens, a laptop, and a projector. You won’t have to worry about having limited space for movie nights. Now, you can have more space and you can definately invite more friends.