Random Food Facts that Will Probably Blow Your Mind

Every food and drink has fascinating stories; in fact, there are millions of them.

If you are a certified foodie and you think you can take the food and drink quiz challenge easily, think again because there are a lot of interesting food and drink facts that you probably haven’t heard before.


#1 Bananas are berries!

Yes, siree! Bananas are berries but strawberries aren’t. That is one shocking truth!

Do not worry, you are not the only one who doesn’t know; in fact, botanists are a few people who know that bananas are berries, this also goes for cucumbers, kiwis, and a few more others.

You are probably wondering “what is a strawberry then?” Hold your breath; strawberries are known as “accessory fruits”. Botanically speaking, strawberries and raspberries are aggregate fruits, which are derived from a single flower that has more than one ovary, making them unclassified as berries.

#2 Rhubarb makes noise when it grows

“Rhubarb forcing” is a traditional way of growing rhubarb, where it involves putting the plant in a dark shed, tricking it to grow as if it was spring season; for this reason, the rhubarb will unnaturally grow large in a very fast pace, so fast that you can hear the popping sound when it grows.

#3 You cannot categorize white chocolate as chocolate

Despite its name, white chocolates aren’t exactly chocolates. White chocolates are made from milk products, blends of sugar, lecithin, vanilla, and cocoa butter.

#4 Flies are essential to chocolate production

Believe it or not, flies have a major role in chocolate production; however, it is not the production of chocolate per se, but the growth of cocoa and cocoa tree. According to scientists, flies are the only pollinators of cocoa – the major ingredient of chocolates.

#5 It is not 100 percent orange juice

In contrast to whatever the slogans are, the 100 percent orange juice that you find in the market today aren’t exactly 100 percent from the actual orange fruit; rather, it is 100 percent made from artificial ingredients.

#6 Popsicles are first invented by an 11-year old by an accident

Frank Epperson – 11-year-old boy – was the first one to invent Popsicle by accident. The boy had left a soda and water mixture in a cup overnight outside and froze.

#7 Honey never spoils

Naturally, honey is very acidic and very low in moisture – two factors that help food not to spoil. So, if you find a jar of honey that had been stored for thousands of years, do not be afraid to eat it or use it.

#8 Grapes are dangerous when you put them inside a microwave

Never microwave a grape – it is dangerous.

According to the experts, if you microwave a grape, it will explode as lightning and fireball plasma. Scientists explained that grapes are unable to absorb heat when placed inside a running microwave; instead, it acts as an antenna, conducting electricity inside the microwave, causing the grape to explode like a “plasma” fireball.

There are a lot of interesting facts about food and drinks around the world; if you can keep up, you should take food and drink quiz right now.