Soda Maker Simple Hacks: Create Your Own Unique Soda

Portable soda maker is one of the most amazing kitchen devices that allow you to make sweet sodas and some fruit flavored carbonated beverages without the need to spend much; but have you ever tried to make your signature soda? If you own one of those marvel devices and you have not tried anything unique with it, then it is time to break the rules and have some fun creating unique sodas with the simple ideas below. However, before proceeding making your own seltzer, you should know the device’s warnings and other safety precautions when making unique sodas.


#1. Orange juice


Who would want to eliminate the prime flavor when it comes to beverages? Everyone drinks orange juice and adding some bubbles with it, could be the perfect beverage on a hot afternoon. All you need to do is buy some orange juice without pulps because if you do, it would turn out as a mess. Fill the soda bottle with orange juice a little half way over then insert the bottle into the machine and start charging the bubbles.


#2. Tea


You may find bottled Iced tea at your grocery stores, but did you know that all of these are slightly carbonated? If you have been drinking these bottled iced teas, why not try making one? Similar to orange juice, all you need to do is fill the soda bottle with chilled tea, halfway the bottle and start charging the tea with bubbles.


#3. Coffee


Carbonated coffee may sound unusual, but if you would try one, you would never be able to stop yourself from making another one. Did you know that the world market has been producing Coffee Soda for years? So, making your own signature coffee soda can be more fun and exciting. All you need to do is fill the soda bottle halfway with cold brewed coffee then slowly begin the carbonating process and after getting the desired carbonation, take the bottle off from the machine.


# 4. Wine


New York Times once featured carbonating the wine; thus, the popularity of carbonated wine increased eventually over the past few years. All you need to do is have patience when making one and use red wines because it works better than the white wine due to its viscosity and less sugar content. Also, similar to other procedures, you need to fill the soda bottle halfway with the wine and slowly charge it with carbonation. Now, if you want more thrill, you can try carbonating Gin, Tequila, Rum, Vodka, and even Whiskey. However, you need to carbonate these liquors with moderation; all you need to do is adjust the carbonation level on the machine. Conclusion There is nothing to be afraid when experimenting your own soda. However, you need to make sure that when creating your own seltzer, your concerns are not just having the best soda makers under $200 but also the manufacturer’s advice and precautions when using the device. Remember that too much of something can be bad for the health, so use the device with moderation and under proper instructions.