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Space Considerations When Buying Slim Wallets | Eat Healthy Food

Space Considerations When Buying Slim Wallets

There’s an undeniable trend where devices and personal items are becoming smaller and smaller. Phones, laptops and even system units for desktop computers show that smaller stuff is what the future is made of. Even something that’s already considered to be small and portable is evolving into something that’s a lot more portable than its predecessors. Slim wallets are perhaps one of the best examples of this trend. It’s interesting to note that people weren’t bothered with their wallet sizes before. But not that smaller and thinner ones exist, traditional wallet designs suddenly became an insufferable lump in the pocket.

However, it’s impractical to buy the next slim wallet out there just for the sake of removing that bulk in the pocket. Doing so will likely lead to buyer’s regret due to not having appropriate spaces for what the older wallet used to hold. Here are some space considerations when choosing a slim wallet.

Card sleeves

Credit and debit cards, as well as loyalty cards are without doubt permanent residents in wallets today. But in order to adapt to the obviously limited space of a minimalist, slim wallet, one has to accept the fact that they won’t be able to take every single plastic card they own. And to some degree, that’s actually a blessing more than a curse. Having only one or two cards in the wallet makes managing of spending simpler. And let’s face it, a lot of those loyalty cards don’t even get scanned more than once a month. Pick two most used cards and then choose a slim wallet that can house them snugly and securely.

Money clip

No matter how credit card companies push the idea that it’s entirely possible to live in today’s world cashless, we have to realize that this is wishful thinking. It only works for people who don’t venture far from their metropolitan turf. But the real world dictates that there is still a demand for tangible, paper money. The space allocation for bills shouldn’t be that thick, however, or that would simply defeat the purpose of minimalism. Having a large space for bills will also encourage a person to go for the larger valued bills in their wallet, thus accumulating smaller ones. A clip is typically sufficient for holding a small number of bills in place. But, if necessary, a proper compartment such as a small sleeve would be more ideal.

Forget coins

What about coins? True, what about them? Leave them in the dashboard or in a coin purse. And put that coin purse in a bag. Using coins to make sure they stay in circulation is encouraged, but it’s hard to deny that they’re inconvenient to take along. Some countries have large-valued coins, so slim wallets may not be something that they can easily adjust to.

An important thing to do before ordering a wallet from an online store is to read helpful reviews. Slimfold Wallet Review: Micro Soft Shell & Tyvek to get a better idea what to get.