The Best Elderly-Friendly Snow Blowers

As much as people wanted their elderly relatives to stay rested and not to do tiresome work, sometimes, they have to do some tasks that are quite a challenge to their physique. One of these tasks can involve clearing the snow off one’s yard. Heavy snowfalls can fill up your entire yard many times over and since using shovels will take a lot of time and effort, you should be getting a snow blower. Cordless blowers, in particular, are improved variants that can be wielded by elderly people.

To help you get the suitable snow blower for you, there is Specializing in comparing different brands and models of cordless snow blowers, the site is a great place to look for suggestions in different snow blowers. You should check out their list of awesome snow blower options for elderly people; it’s basically a showcase of snow blowers which are really convenient in terms of use.

For small snow-clearing jobs, one can get either the 24V-SS10 Cordless Snow Shovel or the 24V-SS11-XR; both by Snow Joe and for approximately $145 and $165, respectively. The SS10 seems like an ideal tool for automated snow clearing; it’s quite light at less than 10 pounds, and is capable of clearing ten inches of your yard at a time and six inches deep per pass. The SS11 is basically an improved version of the SS10; being eleven inches wide and can clear out seven inches of snow, and with a price difference that’s tolerable. Both blowers have plastic scraper blades at the bottom to avoid damage to your pathways.

For larger snow-clearing tasks, one can opt to get the Greenworks PRO 20-inch Cordless Snow Thrower.  Boasting a battery power enough to keep it going for 45 minutes which can be improved by purchasing additional batteries to add to its store, the Greenworks PRO is suitable for people who have larger yards to clear out, since it is 20 inches wide and can go 10 inches deep into the snow. You can rotate the blower’s shaft to eject the snow in any direction, and it has LED lights that will ensure that you can continue clearing out snow even in darkness. Also, you won’t need to worry about the long handles; they’re foldable!

Factors to Consider

If you’re confused as to what brands and model you should acquire, gives you a list of things to consider.

1. Reliability

You’ll want a good snow blower, especially if the winter in your area hits hard. Generally, electric blowers are better than gas-powered blowers because they are easier to maintain and has few parts that you need to constantly check; yet can work just as efficiently.

2. Maintenance

Since it has fewer parts, electric blowers are usually preferred over gas-powered blowers. With the elderly in mind, you wouldn’t want to leave your older relatives at the mercy of having to look after a complex machine like gas-powered blowers!

3. Cost

Buying a gas-powered blower will blow a hole right in your budget, with usual prices from $500 to $1500, and this does not include the fuel. On the other hand, electric blowers range between $200 and $500; and they can do the job just as well.

4. Maneuverability and Storage

You wouldn’t want your grandmother or any other old relative to push around a snow blower that can weigh as much as 150 pounds. Unfortunately, gas-powered blowers are in that range. Luckily, electric blowers can be as little as 35 pounds; making them yet again the better choice.

In storing your blower, gas-powered blowers have, inside them, flammable and smelly gasoline. You won’t want a flammable object that stinks in your house, so chances are that you’ll put them in the garage. However, electric blowers are smaller and do not stink and thus some people would even put them inside closets for storage.


Electric snow blowers are the future, and for your convenience, they are a perfect fit for you and the elderly people! You now have a clear idea of what blower we should get, and since the products are all available in Amazon, you’re always a few clicks away from getting one!