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Three Disadvantages of Natural Dishwashing Detergents – and Why They Don’t Matter | Eat Healthy Food

Three Disadvantages of Natural Dishwashing Detergents – and Why They Don’t Matter

For the longest time, using dishwashing detergent has been indispensable when it comes to cleaning dishes and other utensils after use. Sure, water is fine in some cases, but oil is almost impossible to strip off dishes without wasting so much water. This is all thanks to the chemicals added to the dishwashing liquid which bonds with oils and loosens up residues. Interestingly, dishwashing soap manufacturers are coming up with ingenious ideas that can help do away with said strong chemicals yet retain the capability of a dishwashing liquid to do what it’s supposed to do. Still, there’s a good reason as to why not everyone is shifting to natural cleaning agents, particularly dishwashing detergents. Here are some of the most notable reasons why.


  1. Cost

It’s not just about dishwashing detergents and cleaning agents that people are starting to opt for the natural alternative. One thing in common with natural options is the fact that they are typically more costly than ones made up of harsh chemical ingredients. There are numerous reasons for this. And once consumers understand these reasons, it’s easier to see and appreciate why natural cleaning agents and product alternatives have bigger numbers on their price tags. One worth mentioning is the fact that chemicals can be manufactured on-location whereas natural ingredients have to be sourced from different locations. Transport costs are already a significant addition to its final cost.

  1. Less efficient.

In a lot of cases, natural product alternatives are more effective than synthetic options. However, when it comes to a dishwashing detergent, natural isn’t always the one considered to be more effective. When it comes to bonding with oil and removing them from cutlery, chemicals still does the job better as it was designed to do what they’re supposed to do. Nevertheless, natural detergents still do their job well, all without the risk of skin irritations and dryness.

  1. Feels weird

Everyone is already quite familiar with how laundry and dishwashing detergent feels by now. Shifting to natural detergent options will feel a bit awkward at first. But it’s important to note that this unusual feeling is the feeling of not having any harsh chemicals wreaks havoc on the skin. Some chemical additives in different products are simply added for the sake of providing a sense of feedback, a sensation that serves as some sort of cue. A perfect example of this is shampoo and the bubbles it produces while lathering. These bubbles, as some might refuse to believe, are useless. The absence of these bubbles is actually the reason why so many people are hesitant to switch to natural shampoos. And, unfortunately, the same thing goes with switching to natural detergents.

As responsible consumers, however, it’s absolutely important to check the reliability of certain brands before committing to buying their dishwashing detergent. Reading reviews and informative articles such as ones found at Fit House Holds helps significantly in cutting down the number of brands to choose from. Reviews are invaluable in helping buyers transition to natural cleaning products more effectively.