Three Must-See Home Theater Systems this 2018

Yes, there are several brands of home theater systems in the market today that promises a great experience. It is no wonder that some buyers immediately fall for these enticing advertisements. But then, how can you guarantee that these home theater systems can reach your expectations?

Reading reviews of quality 7.1 home theater systems is a great life saver. You can find reliable sources on the web which provides unbiased buying guidelines and product reviews for confused consumers. Consult these sources to learn more about the best home theater systems on market this year. Moreover, such review sites can help you to avoid mistakes in purchasing poor quality home entertainment systems.
If you still have no idea on which home theater system to invest, take a peek on these top-seller home theater units in the market.

Onkyo THX 7.1 Home Theater System 

If you are searching for home theater system with great speakers that produce rich and clear sounds, include Onkyo THX on your list. This home theater system features a peak power of 210 W/Ch and 6 ohms for large speakers. On the other hand, the smaller speakers of Onkyo THX have 100W/Ch with 8 ohms. This equipment features VLSC that removes statics and pulse-noise on the audio. This home theater system is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS. Don’t worry if you have older systems for Onkyo THX also works well with older surround sound systems.

The only downfall of this home theater system is that Onkyo THX has no stands for the speakers. Hence, you will have to provide stands in setting up the system in your home.

Nakamichi Shockwafe 7.1 Home Theater System 

Wireless surround sound systems is now a great hit in the market these days. Thus, if you are looking for an awesome wireless surround home theater system, check out the Nakamichi Shockwafe. The speakers of this home theater system use 600 watts and compatible with DTS: X, Neural X, and Dolby Audio. What makes this home theater different from other brands is that Nakamichi features soundbar technology, unlike most home theaters that use multiple speakers. The Nakamichi soundbar has five built-in speakers that produce clear and powerful sounds. The wireless subwoofer and various connectivity options are another great perks of using this home theater.

However, be warned about the 52 button remote of Nakamichi. This remote is too complicated. You need to get the hang of using the remote to experience more from Nakamichi Shockwafe.

Onkyo SKS 7.1 Channel Home Theater System 

Here is another certified quality home theater System from Onkyo. The Onkyo SKS 7.1 home theater speaker system has THX/IS technology proving its quality and state-of-the-art features. This home theater system has two five inches front speakers with two-way acoustic-suspension technology. Moreover, it has a built-in soft-dome tweeter with a power of 130 Watts. Also, this home theater also comes with speaker MDF cabinets that minimize vibrations letting clear sounds come out from the audio.

Choosing the best home theater system is not easy. But with the help of a reliable guide, you can make the right choices.