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Three Ways to Improve the Shower Area | Eat Healthy Food

Three Ways to Improve the Shower Area

For a lot of people, what they consider as the jolt that really wakes them up in the morning is their cup of coffee. However, due to the normalcy of taking a shower every single workday, it’s overlooked as a more ubiquitous and more effective way to fully wake up and start a morning routine. Also, the fact that most people aren’t really enjoying their shower like they’re supposed to make it somewhat a lackluster experience compared to a coffee’s proverbial kick. A big reason why this is the case is due to the fact that shower areas in most homes aren’t optimized. It’s like their shower area was an afterthought or simply allocated a space just because it’s part of what makes a bathroom, well – a bathroom. Improving the shower area might take some serious renovating, which means that it’s going to cost money. But the result is going to speak for itself. Mornings start better with a good shower and a cup of black coffee

  1. Consider using wall panels instead of tiles.

Most walls of shower areas in homes are still lined by tiles. In a sense, tiles are practical just because they’re cheaper than glass panels. But in the long run, tiles pale in comparison in terms of practicality. Tiles are grout magnets. And the irony of tiles being constantly exposed to water and soap yet end up collecting grime and grout is frustrating. Scrubbing grout away, while being somewhat a satisfying experience, is better done without. Wall panels provide a more streamlined look as well as a cleaner bathroom wall or floor.

  1. Buy a multifunctional shower panel.

Shower panels that have control options for spray adjustments might sound like luxury items. But anyone who has actually tried using one can attest to just how great if feels to have control of the flow of water. A fine mist shower after an exhausting day at work sounds relaxing. Similarly, rainfall shower is also a great break for the usual kind of shower that the typical two-knobbed temperature control provides. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a shower panel, however. It’s not just the functions that should be looked into but also the build quality. Check out this great post as well as other reviews that can help in narrowing down the options.

  1. Tear down thick walls.

Mansions can afford to have thick-walled shower areas because their bathrooms are already large enough to fit two cars, to begin with. However, middle-class houses should avoid dividing their bathroom with a solid wall just to accentuate the shower area. Instead, use a glass wall which would greatly improve the feeling of having more space. Sure, it may be an illusion. Tricking the eye and making it believe that there is indeed more space. But that’s the point. Admittedly, if there are already walls that need tearing down, it may cost a bit in renovation costs. But considering that the bathroom is going to be used on a daily basis for years to come, it’s a sound investment.