Top Camping Hazards to Avoid

Are you looking forward to experience camping outdoor this year? 

Experiencing nature has therapeutic benefits. It helps in relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and supports wellness among individuals. Using nature as a means of healing is called ecotherapy. Aside from this, camping is an ideal activity to do with friends and family. It is even more exciting when you camp overnight; have a bonfire and celebrate the event with your favorite camping food.

But of course, outdoor activities can be risky too; camping can be dangerous especially if you are not prepared to encounter the dangers of it. It is a pre-emptive measure to learn first the top hazards that you must avoid in this activity. Given this fact, here are the common camping hazards to prevent and how to avoid it.

#1 Getting Lost

According to the statistics, around one thousand people get lost in the wild annually while camping.  This number has somehow dwindled over the past years due to the presence of navigation tools and technologies. However, it is inevitable that some campers suddenly vanish while backpacking or camping. Experts advise that you must bring all necessary navigation tools to avoid getting lost on camping grounds or in the wild. In fact, smartphones have built-in maps and GPS which you can use to track your path. Aside from this, bring a compass and map in case your phone loses its battery or get damaged. There are also navigation watches which you can purchase on the market.  But most of all do not veer from your camping grounds. Going beyond the borders of the camping area is the primary reason why campers get lost.

#2 Changing Weather 

Deciding to camp is not something you do out of the spur of the moment. Camping is something you plan and prepare. Going to camp without planning always end in disaster; one of it is getting caught in a bad weather. It is important to check first the weather condition of the camping grounds you plan to go to. Most importantly, pack durable tent that can withstand various weather conditions along with sweaters, boots, and shirts. Do not also forget to bring sufficient food, water, medical kits and your medical prescription when camping.

#3 Accidents

Accidents always happen in the wilderness. A camper might fall, slip on a slippery rock or worst drown. These accidents occur because of the carelessness of some campers. For instance, camping while drunk increases the chance of fatal accidents; Therefore, as you go camping it is significant to be familiar with the camping grounds first. Identify hazardous areas such as cliffs, lake, or landslide and avalanche prone areas. Circumvent these locations and choose a much safer path. Being a daredevil in an outdoor activity such as this will only put you into harm. Thus, be wise and watchful of your surroundings.

Be prepared when camping. Pack all the essential camping gears you will need. Furthermore, go here for more information on camping guidelines for beginners.

Do not let your camping experience end in disaster. Check out the basics of camping at this source for a much enjoyable and unforgettable adventure.