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What are the Common Signs of Hearing Loss? | Eat Healthy Food

What are the Common Signs of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is not only a result of aging. Anyone is vulnerable to minor ear damage and complete loss of hearing. All it takes are exposure to loud noises and hearing extremely loud bursts of sounds to have this condition.

A damaged hearing is not an overnight shift. It gradually happens, until one day you’ll notice that you can’t hear as good as you used to. A normal conversation only measures 60dB. Loud noises up to 85dB are harmful to the ears. These noises can lead to ear damage and worse, pain and injuries. Therefore, if you are exposed to noises above 85dB, chances are you’ll get hearing damage if not now, then in the future.

Signs of Hearing Loss

There are signs and symptoms of hearing loss. Watching over these indicators will help you evade complete hearing damage. Here are the general signs of this health problem that you must remember.

1. Struggling to Understand Speech

The inability to hear normal conversations is one sign of a damaged hearing. You’ll notice that it is harder for you to understand speech easily, particularly in a noisy environment. All you’ll hear are muffled speech.

2. Asking Others to Speak Slowly, Clearly, and Loudly

You tend to ask people to speak more gently. Also, you might even ask them to speak clearly and loudly since you have difficulty picking up their words. Yes, you hear the sounds, but unable to understand.

3. Turning up volumes

If your friends or family say you turn the volume too loud, but for you, it doesn’t seem loud enough, then there’s a chance that you are starting to develop hearing loss.

4. Not hearing Consonants

Another sign of hearing loss is the inability to hear constant sounds. Words that start or end with s, sh, f, v, th, f, and p are harder to understand. It is also one of the reasons why you can seem to grasp the words.

5. Withdrawal or Avoidance of Conversations

Many people who are aware of their damaged hearing tend to veer away from social settings. They feel awkward and sometimes embarrassed about their inability to hear things. Also, not hearing the conversation around them makes them out of place.

If damaged hearing begins to affect your social life, it is time to ask the help of a doctor. Seek medical attention to prevent it from getting worse.

Easy Tips on How to Avoid Complete Hearing Loss

The simplest way to prevent hearing damage is to avoid exposure to loud noises and hearing extremely loud sounds within earshot. If exposure to noises is inevitable due to work or place of residence, then use hearing protection.

One of the best sources where you can find the best ear protection devices is Doctear. Right on their website is earmuffs and earplugs that completely block out the noise. It is very useful, especially for individuals who work in a loud environment.

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