Your Corporate Event Deserves a Caterer Who Can Deliver

You’ll easily find services for corporate catering, but you’ll have to sort through providers and find one that accommodates all your needs. Your corporate events will likely involve different crowds. You can either hire one caterer as your regular provider or you can renew your options every time you plan a new gathering. Some caterers also have specializations, and you’ll have to consider the theme of your event and the people in your guest list before you settle on a service. Committing to terms and guarantees seems easy enough. Corporate events thrive on efficiency, though, and the participants’ impression of your company will be tainted if the caterers arrive an hour late.


You should settle the details before you consider corporate catering. These revolve around the size of your crowd, as well as the people included in your guest list. Your venue will also factor into your options. You’ll get by with simple setups if you’re having a boardroom meeting with executives. Planning a convention for a hundred people is quite demanding, though.


Some caterers are affiliated with event organizers, offering venue options with facilities that match the service. Unless the caterer you’re considering has an established reputation to offer, you don’t really have to schedule a meeting to weigh out the terms. Browse through phone and online directories and pick a handful of providers within your area. Call them up, ask questions, and come up with your shortlist.


When you’re considering corporate catering, it’s important to get the essentials sorted out before you push through with the details. A good reputation goes a long way, especially for caterers who specialize in large events. You should request for at least three references and confirm the caterer’s good standing. Established providers usually have plenty of clients, which is a good thing if you’re after impeccable service.


Narrow down your list to a handful and inquire about terms of payment, guarantees, facilities, and food options. Deposits are customary, but some offer refunds for canceled services. You can also gauge a caterer’s professionalism by its presentation. Uniformed staff and elaborate setup options guarantee your corporate event makes a good impression on your guests.


Choose meal plans that accommodate your needs. If you’re trying to impress potential clients, then you’ll have to bear with preferences. Your caterer should welcome special requests for halal, kosher, or vegetarian meals. Full-course meals should also be available upon request. Don’t worry about the availability of recipes. Most catering services use restaurant online ordering software so they’re able to order ingredients they’ll need for your customized menu. The software makes ordering and purchasing of ingredients more streamlined; thus, orders get delivered right away, ensuring fresh ingredients on your catered meal.


If you’re setting up the event on an unfurnished venue, then you’ll also avoid the hassles if your caterer answers for the facilities. Rented chairs, tableware, and equipment should be set up ahead of schedule and according to the caterer’s needs. You’ll pay more for extras like customized cakes, and the customer service charge is also worth considering. Opt for event packages so you can sort out options beyond your budget range.


It’s always business as usual at corporate events, and you’ll only make a good impression on your participants if you invest in the details.